July 24, 2013

my sister gloria turned 17 yesterday and i can't believe what a lady she has become. here are 17 reasons why i love her so much:

1. she is the snuggliest human being ever, this girl ALWAYS wants to snuggle. sometimes when i'm at home she'll yell through the house "if anyone wants to snuggle come to my room!"
2. one time she got so mad at me she called me the B word and i was shocked
3. she is incredibly witty and clever. it's impossible to win a fight with her because she has killer comebacks and it catches you completely off guard. so most of the time i just end up sitting there feeling stupid with nothing to throw back at her besides shut up. if you wanna see some real entertainment, come over when her and my mom are going at it. you won't regret it.
4. she loves to sleep
5. her room is never clean. and i mean never. when my boyfriend came home and saw her room for the first time he said he had never seen anything like it before
6. she's the "talented one" in the family
7. she has an amazing voice but will only sing at home when no one is paying attention
8. chicken curry is her favorite meal (ew barf)
9. her skin is flawless
10. she appreciates animals, but hates when they touch her or are up in her business
11. she can make me laugh so hard i'm crying on the floor
12. she is the #1 recruit for laberos in arizona for volleyball. so yaaaaaaaa she's good
13. she used to have no hair when she was a baby and then all this curly hair busted through her head. she hates it but everyone loves it
14. she is more mature than i was at 17 and understands things so much better than i ever did. her common sense and logic is beyond her years
15. she is a scaredy cat (almost as bad as me)
16. she has the cutest little sausage toes
17. she always lets me borrow her clothes, even if she just got it. that's why she is so dang great. 

she is a better sister and person than i am or ever will be and she has the biggest heart. i look up to her as if she were my older sister. we fight, we laugh but boy am i glad she is my sister forever. i was that mean older sister growing up, always getting mad at her for getting into my stuff or touching my clothes or annoying my friends and now i regret not letting her do all that because life is too short for all of that to matter anyway. here are some pictures of the birthday girl: 

^i carried her everywhere^

glo i love you more than you will ever know baby girl and i can't believe you're one year closer to moving outta the house and becoming a real adult. all them college boys are gonna be lovin on you when you get to school :) i hope you had a great birthday, wish i could have been there to spend it with you! Now move up to utah already and come hang out with me. xo

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