July 21, 2013

i'll get back to my recent travel posts after this update from my weekend! it was a super fun and eventful one filled with good food, good friends, and good times.

thursday i went to the belle and sebastian concert for the twilight series at pioneer park with my girl natalie. those concerts are a love hate relationship for me. it's so smoky and crowded, but i love an outdoor concert and the bands that come to play. 

friday was a loooooong day at work. being in the heat teaching just wears you out! my work bought everyone bees tickets for friday's game so we had a work bonding night since we don't bond enough when we're at work ;) the bees got slaughtered but that's okay because for some reason it's still just fun to be at a baseball game eating a hotdog and some peanuts while the sun sets over the field. although once we got down 17-9 i started playing candy crush (so addicting). and i was so sad when i walked over to get some dippin dots and they had already closed. that stuff is my fave!

^some of the kids i teach at coach mike's. i don't know how phoebe deals with these crazy boys^
 ^i know this is such a creeper shot of me and he had no idea i was taking a picture but this little boy?! he never listens to instructions and you can call his name four times and he won't turn to look or respond. not in a bratty little kid way, more like i am in my own world and right now i just want to stare at this butterfly flying by. but i just think he is the cutest thing ever. he walks pigeon toed and never looks like he has it together or has any clue what's going on, but i love it^
^"cheacha, cheacha!" (he never calls any of the instructors by their name, just cheacha)
^my +1 date^
^ignore my peeling forehead. me and my dingles partner^

saturday i met up with my good girlfriend/old teammate romina for lunch at caffe molis in downtown salt lake. holy crap if you haven't been there go! it's right across from city creek and the cutest italian restaurant. i ordered the butternut squash which is AMAZING and romina ordered bruschetta which was also delicious.

 ^the butternut squash ravioli^
^the bruschetta^

later that night we had a birthday dinner for one of my best friends drew at the garage in salt lake. the garage is this sweet biker bar and has way yummy food. he was gone on his actual birthday so we had a belated birthday celebration for him saturday night. 
 ^the cowboy burger. SO GOOD^
 ^the trio. these are my best friends^

^happy birthday drew. 25 looks dang good on you^

sunday beej and i went to church and had dinner with his family. it was such a fun weekend and i wish it could have lasted a little longer. so here's to the start of a fresh new week! (sorry for the picture overload but it was a jam packed weekend!) xo

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