July 17, 2013

after graduation i went straight to arizona and spent 3 weeks with my family. i'd been planning a surprise trip to disneyland for me and BJ while I was there because this kid had never been to the happiest place on earth. and we were already going to have to drive back to arizona to catch our flight with my family to hawaii. so i thought well why not surprise him and make a pit stop for a few days before heading to arizona. when i got back to utah i only had a few days before we'd be leaving again. i sent him on a wild scavenger hunt through his house and yard (there were a total of 20 clues so kinda long haha) and at the end he had to put together the letters that make up disneyland (i had cut out letters from cardboard and painted them while i was in arizona). it was so funny watching him. i was ticked though because he put together the word after his second try! i knew i should have thrown in a few extra letters, but regardless he was so excited. i was proud of myself for not spoiling the surprise the whole week before because i was just as excited. so we were off to california early the next morning! here are pics from our first stop:

^ this is what bj had to put together (definitely made it too easy)^

                 ^stopped at urban renewal in st. george and picked up this vintage beauty^                           

 ^we stuffed our faces at cheesecake factory. if you haven't had their side mac and cheese OR their mac and cheese fried balls, you need to order it the next time you're there! i sit and talk about how amazing they are the entire time i'm eating it. (their pasta carbonara and caesar salad is also soooo yummy)^
^bj gambled his twenty bucks and we watched it go bye bye. i hate gambling^

^goodbye sin city!^

we had so much fun getting dinner and just walking around vegas together. by the end of the night we were absolutely exhausted, my feet and calves were aching in pain. but on to the next stop: santa monica!

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