July 20, 2013

after a night in vegas we headed out to california the following morning. i had reserved a tent spot at this rv park right by disneyland because that's just what you do when you're poor college students and can't afford anything else. when we got to the rv park and checked in, the guy pointed over to our tent spot and i was trying to hold my laughter in when i saw where he was pointing. he pointed to this small patch of grass and dirt, and i'm thinking well we are gonna be white on rice with our neighbors (and we were). so we go over to our spot and it's literally a patch of grass and we are crammed in between two other tents. our neighbors to the right were interesting to say the least, but really nice. (they smoked and talked about doing drugs every night for the three nights we were there so that was super awesome)
after we set up camp we drove out to santa monica to hang out there for our first night. two things i hate about california: traffic and that it takes forever to find parking or you have to pay a ridiculous amount for a spot. other than that i LOVE it. we got into santa monica and it was paaaaaacked (it was over memorial day weekend), but we had fun walking around the pier and on the beach, people watching, and filling up on fish tacos at wahoos. it was so romantic and pretty walking around santa monica at dusk and enjoying a perfect summer night with my boo.

 ^beej pitching our tent (his hair in this picture haha)^
 ^i love a line of palm trees^

 ^we like foooooooood^
 ^wahoos fish tacos^
 ^yogurtland is my favorite place to get yogurt. and i'm also obsessed with mochi, ah so yum!^

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  1. girl you figured out how to do the side bar line!!!!! haha love it! and your blog