August 15, 2013

today was my birthday, or should i say yesterday now that i'm typing this on the 15th. i honestly can't believe how fast the time goes. it seems like the older you get the faster time flies. when you're younger, birthdays, christmas, whatever, seem to take forever to come back around. now it's just zooming on by! what happened to the time? i'm feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for the love i felt today and for the amazing people in my life. i just wanted to share a few thoughts while they were fresh in my mind. 

my beej took me out tonight and we went out for sushi to the red ginger bistro here in slc (it's super cheap and good sushi) then of course we hit up yogurtland because i've been loving me some mochi lately. we took a drive after and i showed beej the courts where i teach and we were going to go to a movie but nothing looked good so we went to the temple and watched i am mormon videos in the visitors center. i thoroughly enjoyed that and we sat there for about half an hour to an hour just watching different people's stories. we've been meaning to go to the temple more often but it hasn't really been happening with either of our schedules, so it was the perfect night to go. this may sound cliche, but it felt so good being at the temple tonight. we went into the building where there is the big statue of christ and you can see the scars in his hands and feet. i told bj that i felt like crying but he just smiled at me because i think he thought i was joking. but i honestly started feeling so emotional inside and a lump started forming in my throat because i could feel the spirit while i stared at the statue and the mural behind. they were about to close and it was just me and him in there and it was so quiet. i was feeling so grateful for all i've been blessed with the last 23 years of my life. i don't know how or why i've been so blessed, but i thank my heavenly father for it. i've never felt more happy and peaceful, just roaming around temple square with my beej and being reminded of why we're really here. we made it a goal to start going at least once a week because both of us feel better about ourselves after we've gone.

anyhow, i want to say thank you to my sweet family and friends who made me feel overwhelmingly loved today. i loved all the IG shout outs, facebook posts, and text messages. it really made my day! and i want to thank my beej for spoiling me tonight. he got me a record player and i can't wait to use it! my heart feels like bursting out of my chest when i'm with him. i've never had someone love me as fully and completely as he does, he is my heart and soul. my favorite thing about beej is he loves me the same when i'm pretty or ugly, hair washed or unwashed, makeup or no makeup, chewing with my mouth open or closed, or when i'm feeling fat or feeling skinny. no matter what the circumstance, i know he loves me. the closer school gets to starting, the sadder i'm feeling. me and beej only have about a week or two left together and i'm dreading him leaving. i don't even know how we're gonna do it because i've never had to do long distance and sometimes it doesn't feel real that he's going back up, but i know we will make it work. it's just gonna suck for a little while. not to mention natalie and kenzie are leaving me as well. three people who are closest to me are leeeeeeeeeaving. well anyways this was a much longer post than i was planning, but hey it's mah burthday so i can do what i want ;) i'll post more pictures from my birthday tomorrow, this will do for now!

other news: we finally have internet at my apartment! and my little sister mala (who is a 9th grader btw) made varsity volleyball at mt. view! so proud of her. can't wait to watch her and glo battle against each other!

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