August 11, 2013

after my morning at 7-11 with beej i drove home to catch some sleep on a real bed before work. on my way to work i saw this cute old lady having a yard sale so of course i stop. and then the best thing ever happened, my work informs me i don't need to come in. i love when that happens! i had the whole day to do whatever the crap i wanted to. so i went yard sale shopping! there were two going on at the same time on the same street. so i bought some fun vintage serving dishes from this sweet and fun old lady and then a few things at the other yard sale. i called beej and he told me to come up to layton and we could go look for a dresser for my new apartment and grab something to eat. so i headed up and we weren't having any luck finding a dresser. however, we did stop at savers and i found some more awesome dishes. i'd never been to savers before and they actually have some really great stuff. beej knew we could find a dresser on ksl so we searched for one on there and lo and behold, i found one that i love! it's vintage and big enough to hold the rest of my stuff that i haven't unpacked. (yes i'm still not fully unpacked) we picked it up and then we hit up burger bar! it was featured on diners, drive-ins, and dives on food network and SO DELICIOUS. the bun on the burger is diviiiiiine. it was fun spending the whole day together knowing we don't have very much time left together. i love this boy of mine and i'm so glad he's mine. 

^beej set up what he calls his own watering hole in the backyard with this kiddie pool and after our day of shopping he wanted to come back and cool down in it. but then he proceeded to add a fishing pole, fishing box, cooler, chair, put a fishing jacket on me, and then recruited his mom to take pictures of us. he kills me.^

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  1. looks yummy! and I love the kiddie pool in the back yard. you two are awesome!