August 20, 2013

the day after my birthday last week, my dad came into town for work and wanted to take me out for my birthday. and let me just throw in my two cents about my dad real quick. anyone who has ever come in contact with this man, knows how big his heart is. i have so much pride when i tell people who my dad is because everyone admires him. one thing i will always remember growing up and still to this day, is him constantly helping other people (and i mean always). he's always trying to make someone's life better. ever since i was born, we've had a nephew or cousin live with us. (and i'm grateful for that because i've always felt protected...nobody messes with big poly dudes so it was nice having some extra security around ;)) but my dad was always trying to help them with school or football or getting them back on track and pushing them in a good direction. and money has always just been paper to him and service is second nature. i love this guy a lot and i'm glad i've been able to hang out with him when he comes to town. 

so i got off work that night, i drive down to his place and he gets in my car and he's like where you wanna go? and i'm thinking i don't care i'm just hungry haha and he starts listing off places in this exact order: cheesecake factory, olive garden, filibertos? and he was being serious about filibertos. so i'm like yeah cheesecake sounds good and he goes of course you want cheesecake. (anytime i get the chance for cheesecake factory i take it). we had a nice dinner together, we got to catch up, and he gave me my gifts from him and my family. afterwards we went to REI to pick him up some five finger shoes, which he loves by the way. i think it's absolutely hilarious. i tried some on just for kicks and they feel so weird. it's like wearing firm toe socks. so here we are walking around REI together right before close, in our five finger shoes. 

it was so nice spending some one on one time with my dad. (i absolutely love when any or all of my family comes into town and i get to hang out with them) it's like i get a little taste of home. so here are some pictures from our evening together!

 ^his face in this picture^

 ^i come around the corner and he is lounging like this on this bench^

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