August 20, 2013

this last saturday beej and i went to dinner at red robin for one of his good friends that just came home from hawaii. we hit up the davis county fair afterwards for the rodeo and i don't think i can handle the anxiety of not knowing if the bull rider is gonna get trampled underneath the bull, or make it out smoothly. there was one guy whose arm got stuck in the handle and i don't know how his arm didn't come out of his socket. he was being pulled around so hard and getting slammed underneath the bull. i couldn't watch. same goes for the horses who are bucking their butts up and coming down so hard. i feel somewhat stressed watching. and ESPECIALLY watching little kids do it. i'm just waiting for their face to get stepped on. but we had fun walking around the fair after the rodeo before they closed up. here are some pictures from our night.
^beej looks so cute in this picture^
^the A1 peppercorn burger at red robin^
^beej's face haha i don't know what he was looking at^

(p.s. my mom got this dress for my birthday and i love it. and guess what? it's from costco! i would have never guessed. thanks ma, i love you.)

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