August 11, 2013

this past thursday i was driving down to my second job interview, totally minding my own business when this freaking moron darts out in front of my car. no crosswalk in sight. i almost hit him so of course i honk, like dude are you serious right now? (i do not hesitate to use my horn for anything) and apparently he was pissed that i honked at him so he chucks these big flags he had in his hand right at my windshield. i'm thinking nooooooo he did not just hit my car! did that really just happen? why couldn't someone have been in the car with me so i'd have someone to share this moment with? anyways i just had to share that story. 

i drove down to draper that day where i had my second interview and can i just say how much i haaaaaate interviews. so awkward right? or maybe it's just me that feels that way. it's like you're trying to impress people while they know you're trying to impress them. know what i mean? and that just makes me feel weird for some reason. then you have to sit there and talk about yourself and answer questions on the spot. ah it just kills me! but afterwards i got to have lunch with one of my best girls and her husband at cafe rio before i had to head into work. it was so good to meet up with the cozzens! they work for the color run and have been on the road a lot lately so it was nice to see them!

 ^interview outfit. that means heels and all.^

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