August 7, 2013

thanks ashley hawk for the liebster award nomination! 

the liebster award is given out to bloggers who have
less than 200 followers and it's a great way to boost your "blogosphere"!

1. thank your liebster blog award nominator on your blog and link back to the blogger who presented this award to you. 
2. answer the 11 questions from the nominator, list 11 random facts about yourself, and create 11 questions for your nominees. 
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what time do you usually wake up?
it all depends what i have the next morning
what is your favorite thing about blogging?
i am awful at keeping a hand written journal and blogging is a fun way of keeping a journal. and it's a great way to connect with friends and make new friends.
if you had to describe yourself using five words, what would they be?
happy, fun, loud, outgoing, social
natural hair color?
dark brown
do you do anything special to get ready for bed?
i try to do these three things: wash my face, brush my teeth, and take out my contacts. but sometimes one of them gets left out because i'm too tired.
right or left handed?
right handed 
favorite place to shop?
i have too many favorite places (i could probably find something i like in any store)
favorite beauty tip?
i'm no beauty guru, but i've recently been exfoliating my body with baby oil and sugar in the shower (i want to try coconut oil!) and it makes my skin feel so soft. 
my all time favorite movie?
i love SO many movies, but first ones that come to mind are remember the titans (i love denzel) or elf.
who is the one person you know you can go to with anything and why?
natalie thatcher. she is my best friend and we can talk about everything with each other. we always have fun, even if we are doing absolutely nothing.
what is something you're passionate about?
i'm extremely passionate about my family. i'm grateful every day that they're mine.

i had orange hair for a month
i'm the oldest of 6 kids 
i love shopping at antique/vintage stores
i tried out for cheer in 9th grade (why?!)
i've never been to europe
i love the smell of new clothes
i sucked my thumb till i was almost 10...maybe 12 (my left thumb is considerably flatter)
i love mac and cheese
i've played tennis since i was 8
my mom is white, my dad is tongan
i love traveling, but i also love coming home 

1. cabin in the mountains or beach house?
2. favorite restaurant?
3. your hollywood crush?
4. favorite holiday? 
5. natural hair color?
6. your dream job?
7. favorite beauty tip?
8. what is something you're passionate about?
9. describe yourself in 5 words
10. what's your ideal date?
11. favorite movie?

I nominate Kait, shelby, whitney

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