August 30, 2013

i headed up to logan for a few days this week to hang out because i didn't have work. and mostly because i just miss my boy. i haven't been back up since i moved to salt lake and it was weird knowing i was just going for a visit and not to stay. gosh dangit i miss that little town, logan will hold a special place in my heart forever. i wouldn't have met some of the most important people in my life now if it weren't logan. so, until next time.

^hate leaving his house^
^grabbed dinner with the team at the OG^
 ^ok...these little dolcini desserts from olive garden are so good^

^i love my blonde hair blue eyed boy...we watched the sunset on the grass at romney stadium and shared a little dessert (should have gotten more of those dolcini desserts to go because it was not enough!)^
^we grabbed lunch at kneaders my last day before i had to leave. these fruit tarts are AMAZING.^

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