August 20, 2013

these are the rest of the pictures from my birthday, such a great night with my boy. sushi at red ginger bistro was so cheap and yummy! if you haven't been there check it out. also, you can read my post from my actual birthday here.
(a side note: after our night out we came back to my apartment and watched playing for keeps, which i do not recommend watching. we both thought it was dumb and the fact that gerard butler kept kissing or sleeping around with all these needy soccer moms, i wanted to be like not again dude, stop!)

^the valentine, playboy, vegas, and dynamite^
^toasted coconut with raspberries (all at the bottom, no i did not just get one ;)) and mochi^
 ^yes he got me this record player and i can't wait to use it^
^i think this picture sums up my birthday^

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