August 11, 2013

friday could have been the longest day of my life, i worked from 8am-9pm. and i probably sound like a baby because i'm sure a lot of people do that. but working outside in the sun and repeating myself all day wears me out. at least my girl kenzie davis is the best person ever and stayed with me till close. i also had dinner to look forward to with my beej that night. we met halfway in centerville at chili's and i was so happy to see him. i'm going to be so sad when he leaves back to school and we have to do long distance. we went up to the bountiful B afterwards because we didn't know what else to do at 11 pm. so we laid down his seats, looked out at the city lights, talked about our week, and then just like that both of us knocked out. the sun woke us up the next morning and before we had to go home we went to 7-11 for chocolate milk and we watched lakey peterson's zero to 100 documentary on netflix. romantic morning at the gas station :)

^ignore our extremely sleepy faces^

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