August 19, 2013

so i came across a blog post randomly (definitely read this) and it made me reflect on how i spend my time on social media sometimes and how i spend my time in general. i'm totally guilty of getting swindled into my phone because there's so much i can do on it. i can check social media, check email, play games, text, call, take pictures, listen to music, download and use apps, the list goes on. so yeah it can be a huge waste of time if you don't find a good balance. and i'm totally guilty of not balancing it well. sometimes i find myself with my sisters and we'll be hanging out, but we'll all be on our phones. and the same goes if i'm with beej, we'll be hanging out, but i'll be on instagram and he'll be playing a game (even though i am far worse than he is when it comes to using my phone, he can go without it for sure) i went on a cruise a few years ago for spring break and we had to turn our phones off for the entire cruise. and let me tell you, it was so nice to be unplugged for those seven days. but then of course you get back home and you're right back to being connected. i've realized instead of using my phone when i'm with beej or with my family, i should be spending as much quality time as i can when i'm with them (rather than staring at my phone or checking my news feed) because that's what matters the most. the less time i spend on my phone, laptop, or whatever it may be, the more quality time i get to spend building my relationships with the ones i love most. bj will probably laugh at this post when he reads this because he's always telling me to get off my phone or to get off instagram.

the older i've gotten, the more i appreciate the advice i was given when i was younger. like oh yeah that's why my mom and dad made me do that or that's why they told me this. why is it that when we're teenagers we tune out our parents? ;) i agree with nadia's post that i linked above, social media can make you covet and want want want. we live in a generation where we all just want more and more. things look so much better in pictures and i think that's why we have a tendency to think the grass is greener on the other side. why can't what we have be enough? it's all about the connections and relationships we make, and trying every day to be a good person (i fall short on this more times than not) and this is all you can take with you after this life. in the end all the fancy stuff doesn't matter, a gigantic home, taking dream vacations, buying fancy clothes. IT DOESN'T MATTER AT ALL. and i'm not saying don't dream big or don't go after what you want, but don't let all the extra stuff consume you and become your main focus and drive in life. mostly i'm writing this to remind myself that it's not about all the materialistic things in life. it's about the small, real, and raw things, things that actually matter. sometimes i look back and wish my 23 year old self could smack my 16 year old self in the head. when i was in high school i cared so much about hanging out with my friends, shopping for new clothes, or chatting it up online, and my family always makes fun of me for it now. hello woman what were you thinking? it ain't all about that. not at all. 

i don't have any regrets in my life because i've learned a lesson from every dumb mistake or choice i've made (and i've made my fair share), but would i do a lot of things differently if i had the chance? heck yeah i would. i'm still learning everyday, but if i could go back to my younger self, i would stay at home and watch a movie with my sisters on a friday night rather than going to a party with my friends. i think i realized just how important my family is to me after going away to school and watching them grow up from far away. family is the most important unit, and i'm so dang blessed to have mine. i hope if my sisters read this that they get on board with me and take my advice because i've been there done that!

i guess if you took anything from this post, it would be to use that darn social media in moderation and when you are spending time with loved ones, make it quality time. this is something i'm for sure going to make a conscious effort to work on!

 ^it was such a pretty view outside my apartment window tonight^

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