September 16, 2013

for the past month and a half (and i should say the majority of this last summer) i have not gone or been grocery shopping. i have been dining out almost every night and avoiding the grocery store, which is so bad! sometimes the grocery store feels like a chore to me (even though i usually like it once i get there), but it's one of those things that just stares at me on my to do list. that's just me though. so after feeling gross for a month and a half from eating out and spending way too much money, i finally went to sprouts and stocked my fridge! having a stocked fridge is such a pretty sight. also, i'm joining in with some of the girls i work with for "no spend september" and not spending any money for the rest of the month on eating out. (i may make an exception for the weekends when beej and i go out, but that's it!) So join on in! Below are some places I've had or tried out in the past month or so. I thought I'd share if you are looking to try out a new place....and if you're not joining in on "no spend september" ;)

^noodle bowl with fried eggrolls and shrimp at gossip in slc (not pictured: my white chocolate banana coconut boba good)^
^fettuccine alfredo at blue lemon (i don't know why it was green...kind looks like pesto. but super delicious)^
^la tormenta in logan...i got regular carne asada tacos and decided to try out the crispy taco. oh. my. heaven. it's delicious and only $1.25. you have to get it if you go.^
^mo'bettah's pulehu steak, sticky rice, and mac salad. their teriyaki sauce is crack.^
 ^harmons sushi is one of the best store bought sushi i've ever had^
 ^pirate o's in draper. i got the #15 (turkey, bacon, smoked gouda with tomato hazelnut pesto and chipotle mayo)^



  1. Jewelz, i've gotta get back to your dad's restaurant in SLC. that food is so good. it's making my mouth water just thinking about it! mmmmm

    1. Yes! I know it is yummy :) we will have to go!!

  2. I am so excited to hear about you and your journey. I wish you peace and safety through out the next 7 years!
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