September 23, 2013

sunday has always been my favorite day of the week, but more so now that it's the only day beej and i really get to spend together. we've been getting saturdays, but that probably won't be happening as often once my second job really kicks in and school picks up for him. it was great just going to church together and having dinner with his mom and grandma after. i really try to savor every moment i get with him now because these days it's not a whole lot. the weekend goes by with the blink of an eye and before i know it we are saying goodbye again. i have cried every time we part ways and it's the most pathetic sight. it's like i can feel it coming and there's no stopping it. i just miss the days when he was always there and i could walk three houses down and be at his place. i know i could never live without him. i feel like the luckiest girl in the world and i'll be forever grateful to have someone who loves me as fully and completely as he does. here are some pictures from our sunday together:

(p.s. when we were heading out for church bj looked at his front tire and it was completely flat. like out of nowhere! we had been driving my car around over the weekend so we have no idea when that happened. i'm just glad it didn't blow out on the freeway or anything. anyways the point is bj is really good at fixing cars and i think it's freaking hot)


  1. I love your freaking dress in these pictures. you look so good girl! love you

  2. jewelz, you are gorgeous. and you two are adorable. i love love.

    1. shelby thank you! you are the sweetest. i love you! we need to hang asap.