September 15, 2013

beej and i went to the usu's vs weber football game this last saturday, and oh my...the wildcats got murdered. if you watched or went to the game you know what i'm talkin' bout. i wish i could still sit in the student section but i just can't stand for the entire game anymore. i guess that's what happens when you get old ;) it was a packed house until about halftime and then people started trickling out of the stadium. that could have also been due to the fact that it started raining, but the student section however stuck it out. utah state seriously has the best student section. for example basketball games...need i say more? we left a little after overtime though since we were killllllling them and i was freezing, so we finished the game back at beej's apartment and then grabbed some pita pit and aggie ice cream afterwards. it was an awesome night!

^pen tattoos in church today^

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