September 8, 2013

this past saturday was peach days up in brigham city. i don't know why i thought there were going to be peaches everywhere, but i did. and there were not peaches everywhere. i was prepared to buy a whole bag of peaches, but i couldn't find a peach booth anywhere. and i kept saying that while we were there. there was a peach cobbler and peach pie booth, but we ended up getting a blackberry pie. so we did not consume any peaches at peach days. (could i say peaches some more?!) bj ate a corndog, gyro, mini pie, carmel apple, and a pretzel and cheese, he was in heaven. even though i was expecting more peaches, we still had a blast. it was so much fun walking around eating, checking out all the booths, playing our reacher/settler game with couples, people watching, and just being in the carnival fair atmosphere. i am so glad the rain went away though and we didn't have a total down pour. i was cold enough with just a light drizzle. it was a fun night and i had a great weekend up in logan.

 ^this was the most perfect looking ice cream cone. tasted just like a frosty^
 ^cherry carmel apples. red carmel apples look so cool^
 ^i hate that this picture is kind of blurry, but i love my boy^
 ^blackberry fruit pie^
 ^i don't know why but this picture of us cracks me up^
^bj's legs look so short in this picture haha^
^thanks for a great night brigham city^

things worth noting from the weekend:
1) bj and i had our first telepathic was the greatest and funniest thing ever. 
2) i fell asleep sitting straight up for half of the usu football game. 
3) and i fell in love with la tormenta again this weekend. so dang good. 

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