September 18, 2013

pirate o's is this really gourmet grocery shop in draper with all sorts of speciality cheeses, deli, spices, you name it, and they have a little cafe inside where you can order sandwiches. a few of us from work went there for lunch and loved it. however, two of my co-workers tried it the next day and hated it. they've decorated the shop with all sorts of crazy halloween decorations and i will admit i was a little confused when i walked in because i didn't know if it was a halloween store, grocery store, or a restaurant. but the rest of us thought it was really good! i couldn't resist taking pictures of their halloween decorations:

^posted here too...the #15^

by the way i love that autumn is here! i could feel it creeping in the past week or two, but today it felt like the first real day of it. it was a little more brisk than usual today, and more trees have changing leaves. we have a pumpkin candle burning in my house and a pumpkin candle burning at work and it's just the best. not to mention my roommate made pumpkin cookies with cheesecake frosting yesterday. so yummy. autumn by far, without a doubt, is my favorite time of year. ooh the crisp air and slight drop in temperature means it's hoodie weather...and it only stays a little while so i eat it up every year. and i know i can't be the only one who loves fall fashion. i mean all the layering, scarves, tall boots and oversized sweaters! So excited for campfires, apple picking, corn mazes, canyon drives, halloween, snickerdoodles, warm cider, snuggling up in blankets outside, colorful leaves, pumpkin carving, and reading martha's annual halloween magazine. i love you autumn. don't ever leave. 

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