September 23, 2013

last night beej and i met up with one of our favorite couples and good friends cam and emily (soon to be goold...they're getting married on oct. 25th!) we seriously love these guys, no joke. it's so easy to hang out with them and they're both way fun. it was also @emmyjean's 23rd birthday so we were glad we got to celebrate with her! we grabbed dinner at the red iguana in salt lake, which i've heard nothing but amazing things about. unfortunately all i tried out was their fried ice cream haha. beej and i had been out shopping all day and ate at a really awkward time, around 2 or 3. (early enough to be a late lunch or late enough to be an early dinner). so by the time we actually got to dinner i wasn't very hungry and i just settled for dessert. i will say their fried ice cream was WAY yummy. but how can you go wrong when fried or ice cream is involved?! after dinner cam and emily showed us their new apartment and then we headed to emily's to watch the utah vs. byu game. i could really care less who won the game, but i guess it would have been better for my aggies if byu won. oh well, good job utes. i could barely keep my eyes open though for the last thirty minutes of the game and i completely knocked out on the way home. 

 ^these cute guys came over and played a song for us and then jumped right into singing happy birthday for emily. it was awesome.^
 ^being thoroughly entertained^