September 19, 2013

if you know me, you know you can get a reaction out of me for almost anything. a very enthusiastic reaction. so the other day at work i got pranked and its been the talk of the freaking week. my co-workers came up with a code word and someone would yell earthquake when that code word was said.  so we're in the middle of a conversation and then there goes morgan yelling "EARTHQUAKE!" like we're going to die and everyone drops down under their desk. i couldn't even register what the heck was going on, but when i hear panic i feel panicked and lose all sense of what is going on, even if it's something ridiculous like this. well i may have screamed, closed my eyes, flew off my chair sideways, and dived down on my knees hard. (i have bruises on both knees. no lies.) i looked up and everyone was uncontrollably laughing. crying laughing. and i started to after i realized and was filled in on this stupid prank. so good one you guys, good one.

funny side story that happened this morning. we ran over to mickie deez (yes i broke "no spend september", but i forgot a lunch and had to eat something...rough morning!) anyways, i'm sitting on the booth part of the table, and we're getting ready to leave so i just slide on big deal. well that booth bench did not connect to the booth next to us and i just fell into a hole of emptiness and nothing but air. i slid over so casually and quick, then next thing you know i'm on my butt trying to get up asap. some random guy was just watching the whole thing happen and then morgan and adam were dying when they saw me in the space between the two booths. i hurried and got up and then we were outta there. it's been a reeeeeeeal entertaining week to say the least. 

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