October 16, 2013

glasses: zenni optical
dress: DI

these photos were taken this past sunday up in logan. i found this dress two years ago at the di for five bucks. the gems you can find! it was a another great weekend up in logan, like usual. i'm just happy to see beej and i could really care less if we do anything, just as long as we're together. i'll tell ya...we both fight hard, with each other and for each other. and sometimes i think we must both be nuts. or maybe i make him nuts. who knows. but i bring this up because we got into the most dramatic argument last week (i swear long distance is making us wacky) and after we disputed it out, all i could think of was how wildly in love i am with him. it's cheesy and it may sound stupid, but it's true. i'm glad i got two days of cuddles. 
so here's an overall (and very scattered) update of my life lately:
1) i've been working like a mad man. especially the last two weeks. i haven't had time to do anything besides wake up, go to the color run, and then head to j.crew right after for the rest of the night (hence why i haven't been posting a lot)
2) last week my co-workers tried their hardest to persuade me into going to the haunted forest. instead i chose to ignore the texts in our group text and i dodged outta town. i avoid haunted anything like the plague. however, i will say that was the closest i've come to considering going, in a long time. 
3) tonight i had my first chemical peel. and my face feels amazing. tonight was really minimal, but in november i'll start regular skin care treatments where i'll be going in for stronger treatments to dig deep and resurface my skin. it's definitely an investment, but i think it's worth it. so i'll keep you guys posted on how that goes! 
4) i still have not fully unpacked my room and it's really starting to bother me. i've been sleeping on the couch falling asleep to how i met your mother almost every night. i need to get my room in order before i go crazy and so i can upgrade from the couch to my bed.
5) i have been listening to heart and soul by huey lewis and the news, nonstop. 
6) i couldn't get enough of fall right now. and the halloween stuff. and the golden leaves. and the wet city streets from all this rain. and the crisp smell in the air. tis the best time of the year!
7) this month marks two years that beej and i have known each other. holla back baby. 
thanks for reading!


  1. Those fall leaves, your beautiful dress and happy stylin glasses are just wonderful!! What a pleasant fall themed look. I'm a smidgen obsessed with Huey Lewis too. Loud and proud sister :]

    1. Thank you! You are so sweet! Isn't Huey Lewis just the best?! :)

  2. I would LOVE more posts about the chemical peel and your skin care routine. Always keen to learn about what works for different people!

    1. Oh yes for sure! I'll be posting when I have my next one and I'll go into some tips my esthetician gave me as well as what I've been doing over the past year to improve my skin!

      I'm with you too, I love learning about what other people do for their skin and what works for them! :)

  3. Amazing blog!! great outfit post, and I like the simplicity of your layout here.


    1. thank you for your sweet words! you are too kind!