Morning Shooting + A Video

October 14, 2013

over the weekend beej and i went shooting up in the canyon with his roommates. i'd never been shooting before or shot a real gun for that matter so beej was going to teach me how. aaaaand i don't know how i liked it. i think i might stick to the bb gun! i felt like i was getting punched in the arm after every shot (probably due to the fact i wasn't holding the gun close enough but whatever) and it was so loud my left ear wouldn't stop ringing. but i'm glad the boys managed to handle my girly ways. this probably sounds weird but there's so much power in holding a gun?! like you can kill people with these things, it was kinda freaking me out! but maybe that's just me. it was a fun and entertaining morning though and afterwards we all went to la tormenta for some yummy mexican food!

Morning Shooting from Julie Tukuafu on Vimeo.