October 6, 2013

this past thursday i headed down south to arizona for some warmer weather and to see my family whom i've missed so bad! the other reason i went down was because my two younger sisters both play varsity volleyball for rival schools and i didn't want to miss seeing them play. they are both little ballerz it blows my mind. gloria was digging up balls right and left and mala was slamming balls so hard, i was loving it. i couldn't help but feel insanely proud while watching them play. like dang you guys, why are you so cool!  i've been in utah for the last five freaking years so i haven't really had a chance to go to their games and i was so happy i got to go on thursday. after their game we all went to nielsen's for some sandwiches, onion rings, and custards and i couldn't have been happier. when all  five girls (we do have one brother who is on a mission...let's not forget him) are together it gets crazy and i think my parents wonder how they ended up with so many girls. 

also, i've never been confused for gloria more times in my life than i was on this night. for some reason people think we look identical (we have been asked several times if we are identical twins) and it's only been in the last few years that people can't keep us straight. neither one of us think we look alike, but some girl at the game said she couldn't look at us because it was freaking her out. haha what!? and then one of her guy friends from school walked past me while i was sitting on the bleachers and says "hey glo". actually nope it's not, gotcha!


  1. cute outfit! I love that you were able to go home and see the fam :) Our families are so similiar - in mine theres 7 girls and one boy who is also serving a mission! Say whaaaaa hahaha

    1. thank you! i know it was so great seeing them since i don't get to see them as often as i'd like to. oh my goodness 7 girls?! i couldn't even imagine adding two more to our bunch haha that's so great!! our families are so similar! where is your brother serving?

  2. love this post! and you look super cute at the game! haha that's how stylish ladies roll right!
    xo Jessica