October 27, 2013

this past friday my friends emily and cameron became mr. and mrs. goold! emily was a roommate of mine in college, and over the past year or so, both beej and i have been able to get to know cameron. who by the way is a total stud. we seriously love hanging out with them. they both are such easy going and fun people, and we are so lucky to have them as friends! i was able to work from home friday in between wedding festivities and beej skipped class and got work off to make it down for all the fun. i met up with all the girls at the temple to watch the happy couple skip out and they both were just beaming.

beej made it just as we were wrapping up pictures, so we walked around the temple grounds till it was time for the luncheon. we stuffed our bellies full at the luncheon and enjoyed being able to celebrate their day with them! also, it was great catching up with all my old roomies/girlfriends. makes me miss my college days (i sound old). here are some pictures from the temple:

^emily's mom made her dress. what?! i was dying over it. they both look so good.^
 ^we ran into them taking pictures before the luncheon while we were walking around so we snagged them for a sec!^
^i am a floating head^

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