November 3, 2013

in the fall, and especially october, i usually get on this kick of wearing all black, A LOT. so here's another all black outfit. 
skirt: j.crew
sweater: j.crew
gray heels: last chance (az)

story behind that last photo. me and beej had been in the car joking around about something and i opened the door to get out, but he pulled me back in the car for a kiss and managed to only grab my hair. so my head was going back and my body was going forward. somewhere in the middle of that and my four inch heels, my balance was thrown off and i fell straight from the car to the sidewalk.


  1. Last Chance is my favorite store in the whole world. It's a good thing I don't live in Phoenix because I would have no money!

    1. girl i love when people know about last chance!!! haha it is seriously my favorite too. it's bad because i usually get stuff i don't need, but it's such a good deal!