November 13, 2013

this last week and a half has been kind of a whirlwind. for starters, i made the decision to move out. and also to quit my job at the color run. they were both pretty big decisions, but both felt right. so i've been searching for another full time job and working on cleaning and packing up my room (this is happening at a very slow rate might i add) i've managed to pick up some more shifts at j.crew and also catch up on a lot of errands i've been putting off liiiiike getting new tires, going grocery shopping, bank, post office, and the list goes on. it has been nice to find some extra time to spend with beej, too. i was able to go up to logan in the middle of last week and stay longer than i usually am able to. and i loved that.

it's crazy to me how quickly your life can change. a few months ago i didn't think i'd be moving out of my place while looking for a new job. it's just wild to me. anyways here are some pictures of what's been going on lately:


  1. what's the voluspa stuff? it looks heavenly.

    1. oh my goodness it is the most amazing candle EVER. you can get it at Anthropologie! but this goji tarocco orange scent is a DREAM. i kid you not!

  2. Good for you!! J Crew sounds like a dream job.. well at least dream discount ;)

  3. oh my word. whoever you are, you're darling.

    xo. m.