November 26, 2013

so today i wanted to share a little bit about my skin care routine and some new things i'm incorporating into that routine. i just want to state the fact that i am no beauty guru by any means. i just wanted to share what's been working for me! i always find it interesting to see what works for other people and what their daily skin care routines are. 

today i went in for my second chemical peel and it was slightly more intense than my first. not that it burned more, but we repeated the process more times. and it will gradually get more intense each time. so obviously my face feels like it's burning, but at the same time i sort of like it because i feel like i'm helping out my skin. so over the next week or so my skin will flake and peel off. i love that it gets rid of all that dead skin! but i hate that i still have to go out in public while my skin flakes off.

so i started treatments because i was feeling really unsatisfied with how my skin was looking. i never had a problem with breaking out until college. i went through high school completely naive about zits. i would occasionally get them here and there randomly, but nothing like when i got to college. like i just started breaking out. i was like whaaaaaaaat the freeeeeeeak is this?! are you kidding me?! what are those friggin things?! so i probably should have consulted a professional first rather than coming up with my own remedies or messing around with my skin. i think if you're having acne problems or skin issues it's best to consult someone who actually knows what they're doing. but that's just based off my own experience. i tried out so many things it was ridiculous. the reason it took me forever to see a professional was because a) it's expensive and b) sometimes something would work for a little while and my skin would clear up so i thought it was fine, but eventually it went back to whatever the freak it was doing. so finally a few months ago, i decided i wanted a clean, fresh start and I wanted to take my skin care more seriously. meaning i was going to consult with a professional, start the recommended treatments, purchase the recommended products best suited for my skin, follow the tips I was given, and also take vitamins that were necessary to help nourish my skin.

my original routine:
AM: rinse face. apply pea size drop of acanya to face...let it sit in. then apply cerave am moisturizing lotion.
PM: cleanse with cetaphil. apply pea size drop of retin-a to face...let it sit in. it's especially important for the retin-a to sit in because you want to make sure it's really getting into your skin. then apply cerave pm moisturizing lotion.
(i use my topical creams (acanya and retin-a) according to how my skin is feeling...sometimes i use retin-a a few days in a row and then i take a break)

^retin-a is AMAZING. it will literally change your world. when i put it on at night i wake up in the morning and my skin looks more firm and even! this stuff is legit and worth every penny. you only have to use about a pea size of it because a little goes a loooooong way.^

recommended routine:
apparently this M2 stuff below can make a huge impact on your skin's health. so i took my esthetician's recommendation and bought the good stuff. so this is exactly what she told me to do:
AM: rinse (don't cleanse) and apply moisturizer.
PM: cleanse and then apply serum.
and she told me to alternate between my original skin care routine and the M2 skin care routine. so i won't be doing the same routine two days in a row.



1) wash your pillow case at least once a week.
2) clean your make up brushes every other day (i use a makeup brush shampoo from sephora and it makes my brush feel brand new)
3) take probiotic vitamins and vitamin A.
4) use a clarisonic cleansing brush (my esthetician told me the knock offs don't work nearly as well as the real deal. but if anyone has experience using a knock off i'd love to hear how it has worked for you! but i was told the clarisonic actually massages your skin rather than just moving in a circular motion on the surface of your skin, while cleansing it with your preferred cleanser. the bristles are actually small enough to get inside of your teeny tiny little pores to sweep out any dirt. they're pretty expensive and i currently don't have one, but it's something i definitely want to invest in)
5) make retin-a your best will change your world. even if you don't have skin problems, i think it's still great to firm and even your skin at night!
6) wash and clean your face at night (i fall short of this all the time. i always fall asleep with my make up on. some nights it's just too hard! haha) 
7) after cleaning your face, use a new and clean wash cloth to dry your face so you're not drying your face with the same wash cloth every day. you can buy white ones so you're able to bleach them and rid any bacteria. if you have at least ten little wash cloths you can wash them weekly with your laundry and stock up for the next week.   
8) use make-up that is healthy for your skin. i will never use mac foundation ever again. it made me break out so bad, but that's just my own skin. it may work great for other people! right now i'm using bare minerals foundation and about to switch over to color science. their primer and sunscreens are UNREAL. also, some days it's good to wear less make up or go bare, just to give your skin a break.  
9) avoid touching your face with your fingers.
10) drink lots of water and stay hydrated.

my esthetician made the perfect analogy to skin care. going in and getting treatments/help is like going to the gym. she puts your face through a so called "boot camp". then you would go home and nourish your body with healthy food and water. with skin care you nourish it with the proper vitamins and cleansing products. it's a gradual process and miracles aren't going to happen over night, but if you consistently take care of your skin, your skin will love you for it and it will pay off!


  1. Thanks so much for this. I'm in the exact same boat -- I had perfect skin until I hit 20, and now I've not a clue what to do since I never really had to worry about it before. This is so helpful. I actually just started using bare minerals and I love it, especially the concealer. That stuff literally gave me back my confidence after my skin started freaking out. Anyway, I'll definitely be keeping this stuff in mind. Thanks again :)

  2. great post ! I actually have been using a sample of the retina a micro and I feel like ah is it suppose to make my face peely ?
    love your blog
    Simply Sutter