December 22, 2013

a week and a half ago i went to arizona for my brother's homecoming aaaand to escape to some warmer weather! ;) it was such a fun weekend with my family and great to finally be reunited with our only brother, which i'll blog separately about. below are some other pictures from the trip!     
^mary was so cute and wanted to try a holiday design out on my nails that she learned from our cousin hailey^ 
^i love arizona in december...i always feel at home when i see blue skies, some palm trees, and cactus^
^i have been obsessed with goblets/vintage glasses and i buy them whenever i'm out thrifting^
 ^my mom taught me how to fry an egg! ha you're probably thinking that takes no talent whatsoever to make, but seriously i never can make one as good as my mom. i manage to mess something up in the process, so she taught me her ways! and you can't tell in this picture but this was SO GOOD. buttered and toasted sourdough bread with cheddar cheese and a fried yummy^
 ^beej came in the morning before my brother arrived and i was so happy he was there. we actually had our first kiss the weekend of my brother's farewell, so jared has been gone the entire time we've dated and is the only one in my family who doesn't really know him. isn't he such a champ?! my mom wanted the house spotless before my brother got home so he steamed all the floors and helped clean the house. he's the best^ 
 ^we played ping pong all weekend^
 ^this is embarrassing that my cart was only full of shoes, but at last chance you just throw it in the cart and decide later. if you're a last chance shopper you know what i'm talking about! i always filter my cart out right before check out^
 ^my cousin lynette's babe knocked out while we were shopping. he is my favorite baby, i could hold him all day. he is such a good baby and so cuddly and goes to anyone. he lets all the little girl cousins lug him around like a doll and isn't phased by all the craziness going on. i just wanna kiss and squeeze him all the time. and look at all those curls on his head!^

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  1. My mom has tried to teach me how to crochet but i cant do it like her! its a mom thing... kids arent supposed to do it better i guess haha