December 11, 2013

my little brother is finally coming home from capetown, south africa!!!!!! he's been serving an lds mission there for the last two years and now we get to see him in less than two days. i'm leaving in the morning for arizona (in five hours to be exact...why am i still up?) and I AM PUMPED! i am sooooo excited to be with everyone and have our entire family together again. we have tons of family flying in for his homecoming and it's my favorite when everyone gets together. i don't know if i'm more excited for this weekend or christmas, even though i know both are gonna be awesome ;) beej is flying in friday morning before jared arrives and i'm so freaking happy i'll be surrounded with all my favorite people in just a matter of hours.  

 ^one of our last family photos we took on a family vacation to oahu before jared left^


  1. such a good looking family! i love welcome home parties and the big hugs that come with it.

  2. just found your cute blog! and that's so exciting about your brother!! i was born in south africa and my whole family is from there!