December 4, 2013

yes, i know this is a week late thanksgiving post, but i still wanted to share a little bit of our turkey day last week. this was the first year i've ever spent away from my family for any major holiday. i was so bummed when i found out i had to work black friday, but i guess that's the price you pay for working retail around the holidays. while i was growing up and every year since i can remember, we always had crab, lobster, seafood portofino (my mom makes the best ever, ah!), clams, muscles, and sticky rice for thanksgiving, instead of the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. so i was sad i was missing out on being with my family and all the yummy seafood, but also happy i was able to spend thanksgiving with beej. his mom (bless her heart!), literally spent two days cooking up a feast of delicious food. it was the off year for beej's family so his sisters spent thanksgiving at their in-laws, but came over later for dessert. so we had thanksgiving with his mom and a few of beej's close friends.

i don't know what was wrong with me, but before we even ate which was early in the afternoon, i kept falling asleep. i laid down on the couch and fell asleep, then we ate, and after i fell asleep again. good grief! i'm such a bear. but it was definitely a day of eating, lounging around (sleeping in my case), catching up, watching movies, and indulging in cheesecake.

my heart always feels really full this time of year. i feel so blessed. i'm beyond grateful for my own family and wish i could have been with them this year, but i'm grateful for beej's family taking me in this year, too. :) 

 ^we are still eating leftovers from thanksgiving. so much food! (raeleen's whipped mashed potatoes are so yummy)^
 ^my favorite little baby, Archie^
 ^look at my babe! we went through old photos when his sisters came over later that night, and i was dyyyyyyyying. he's just the cutest little blondie boy i've ever seen!^
^our first thanksgiving together. i'm sad we didn't take more pics, oh well. at least we got one right! i saw this picture later that night and was like why am i not wearing shoes...and why am i holding my stomach like i'm having a baby?^


  1. so fun! i LOVE looking through old pics, it's always such a delight. I'm glad you had a happy thanksgiving!

  2. Wow the seafood feast you described sounds sooo good lol. Traditional good is fun too though. All about spending tine with people you love anyway and it looks like you had fun!
    atelier zozo

  3. That meal looks awesome.

  4. omg, I've always wanted a seafood thanksgiving! I never liked turkey growing up. sounds delicious :)

    also, I almost always forget to put on shoes before I walk out the door. I blame the cozy socks!