December 18, 2013

on december 10th beej and i celebrated our two year anniversary (of dating!). i had work during the day and he had to work later that night, so we met up for a quick day date during my lunch break and then we got to hang for a little bit after he got off that night. we met up at our favorite sushi place in logan and then grabbed some hot chocolate after. we weren't planning on doing gifts, but i just had to surprise him. he had been wanting a go pro for forever and i wasn't planning on actually getting it for him until i decided the day before, so i knew he would be surprised. he'd been working so hard all semester in both school and work so i thought what the heck, tis the season! and i figured we'd both use it ;) his face was priceless when he opened it up and he was so happy, which made me happy.

two years has flown by in a blink of an eye, but at the same time it's also felt like we've known each other forever. i couldn't imagine life without him, he is my whole world and i feel like the happiest girl. sooooo on a less mushy note, i just got back from arizona and i'm currently settling into my new house here in logan and adjusting to my new job. it's been an eventful last few weeks to say the least. i hope you all are having a happy holiday season with your loved ones!


  1. Congrats! you guys look super cute together.
    My partner and I will be 2 years together in May.
    Time flies!


  2. so fun, anniversaries are always so much fun. also, you got sushi, couples who eat sushi together, stay together ;)

  3. Wow! Two years that is so awesome!! You guys look great together :) That go pro looks really cool too. I'm tempted to look it up and see what all it does! Love your blog and will definitely be adding this blog to my stalking list!