January 28, 2014

 ^^^love this outdoor neighborhood ice rink on center street in logan^^^

1. selling on ebay. i looooooove selling on ebay now. it takes a little work, but way worth it. i couldn't keep selling my clothes at plato's closet because i felt like i was getting next to nothing for items that were still in good condition! so i picked up on ebay and now i'm on a roll.
2. juicing. between all 4 roommates and myself, someone is juicing at least everyday or every other. for some reason i get total satisfaction from shoving a ton of fruit and veggies through and watching juice come out. it's way more fun than i thought it would be haha
3. old grist mill sugar cookies. oh. my. heavens. the best sugar cookie everrrrrrrr. i need to stop, but they're just so soft and sweet and delicious.
4. my clarisonic. i got one for christmas (thanks mama!) and now i swear by it. i can't go to sleep anymore until i've cleaned my face with it. it will rock your world.
5. my heater blanket. bj bought me a heater blanket for our anniversary and not a night goes by that i don't use it. it's seriously the greatest thing and especially during winter! i don't have to jump into bed cold and wait to warm up anymore :)
6. that 70's show. i remember seeing bits of that 70's show when i was younger and it never appealed to me. but then beej and i randomly started watching it on netflix and now i can't stop.
7. finances. well i went into marketing and not finances, so i know very little. i actually was just trying to survive my corporate finance class when i was in school. but lately i've become intrigued with learning more about handling your finances, investments, retirement, paying off debt, and how to make the most of your money. since then, i've made a spreadsheet of all me and beej's finances and i find myself constantly wanting to update it.
8. dejunking. i have loved cleaning up and getting rid of things i don't use or wear anymore. 
9. lunchtime with beej. since both of us are so busy between work and school, we haven't had as much time to hang out. so lunch time is usually all we get and everyday i can't wait till lunch rolls around so i can see him.
10. my new lanvin glasses. i won a pair of glasses at christmastime through glasses.com on IG and haven't been able to take them off.

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