January 3, 2014

2013 was an amazing year and filled with a million happy moments, but here's my top 13.

1. my baby sister got baptized. so happy i was able to go home for her baptism.

2. went with beej + all our friends to oahu for spring break. loved watching beej experience hawaii for the first time. (and i will never fly allegiant after that trip)

3. wrapped up our radio show and photo series, adam and eve's drop, with one of my best friends/cohost, drew.

4. i finished my last season of college tennis. i wouldn't trade my student athlete experience for anything.

5. graduated from college in marketing. i seriously didn't want it to end.

6. beej and i took our first big roadtrip together. we stopped in st. george, vegas, santa monica, and went to disneyland. then we drove into phoenix where we flew out to kauai with my family. it was beej's first time at disneyland and experiencing disneyland with a first timer is the. best. thing. ever. watching him was priceless. he probably could have stayed in cars land the entire time. and in phoenix we made a stop at cooperstown and ate the most delicious 22" hotdog that was featured on man vs. food. best hotdog ever. 

7. we went on family vacation to kauai this past summer. it's absolutely beautiful and by far the best island in hawaii. we went for the funnest boat ride up the napali coastline. it was like witnessing a little piece of heaven. i was on this big boat with my favorite people in my favorite place and watching the sun come up over the huge mountains on the coastline. and the water! i'd never seen such sparkly blue water. i can't wait to go back.

8. went to island park over the summer with my family. island park is breathtaking and the view amazes me every single time. driving to and around island park is my favorite. it's so secluded and we just play games, watch movies, eat food, go canoeing, and ride the four wheelers all day.

9. i celebrated my 23rd birthday in august and was spoiled by my beej, family, and friends.

10. i moved 3 times and went from logan to salt lake, to another place in salt lake, and then finally back to logan. i had 4 different jobs. i got my first real taste of the real world by being out of school and experiencing working full time from 9-5 everyday. for the first time, i was in a long distance relationship. it was the worst. it made me appreciate my beej so much more.  

11. i spent my first thanksgiving away from my family.

12. my brother jared came home from his mission in capetown, south africa. i've always been grateful for my family, but i've never been more grateful for them than this past year.

13. i got engaged! i spent a week in arizona with my family for christmas, and the day after christmas my blonde boy flew down and surprised me with the best christmas gift ever. i said yes and we are getting married summer 2014!

i loved you 2013, but i can't wait for 2014.


  1. Lovely photos for your 2013 highlights! I love Disneyland! And all that food from your thanksgiving just made me want it to be thanksgiving all over again, haha.