January 27, 2014

i've finally found some time to sit down and write our proposal story, so here goes. about a week and a half before christmas this past year, my brother came home from his mission and beej and i were both able to head down to arizona for his homecoming. i was going back to arizona a week later for christmas and had mentioned how nice it would be if he could come back down with me, but we both knew he couldn't miss work and we couldn't really afford to both come back either.

we've been dating for two years and have talked about getting married so this didn't come from left field. we did the whole ring thing together and picked it up together so i knew he had it. he kept teasing me that he was going to hold on to it till march and i was like oh please no haha. the anticipation would have killed me if he waited that long.

there were a few hints leading up to the proposal, like my mom calling bj and leaving a voicemail that he refused to check in front of me, or when my dad called a family meeting when i was at home for christmas and said "let's go to california for a few days, and then come back and hang out with bj". i kinda just blew those things off because even though i knew we'd get engaged soon, i just thought it would for sure happen when i got back to utah.

just a side note to my story....when i go home to arizona, i don't get ready unless we are going out, and usually it doesn't even happen for that. i truly turn into the biggest bum you've ever seen. no makeup, greasy hair, big tshirt, and leggings. but i don't care because i just hang out with my family when i go home so no big deal. but my sisters knew that if i looked like hagrid when i got engaged that i'd be like why didn't you tell me to throw something on or brush my hair?!

little did i know they'd been working up a plan. the day after christmas my mom was like let's go shopping and my sisters followed it up with "yeah and then let's go take pictures with all our sisters." (this was their way of getting me ready for the day) so we were all getting ready and then my mom left to go sign papers for my brother's car (but she was really picking bj up from the airport and my dad was signing the papers). my dad and brother came home before my mom so i asked where's mom? and they were like she's getting groceries (okaaaaaay not). so she rolls in probably twenty minutes later and i'm thinking we're leaving soon so i follow her to her bedroom and she pulls out this envelope from her jewelry box and goes "oh shoot i totally forgot to give this to you yesterday, it was from bj for christmas." i look back now and find it so hilarious how forgetful my mom was pretending to be.

i debated almost reading it later since i thought we were needing to go, but i read the letter and about halfway through i started crying because i figured out what was going on. it was the sweetest letter he's ever written and i will cherish it forever. i keep it in my purse so i can read it whenever i want. at the end of the letter he told me he had one more christmas gift for me and to come get it in my driveway. somehow all my family managed to already be outside, which i don't know how that happened. so i'm crying and screaming while i'm heading to the front door and i come outside to find a little trail of rose petals and bj standing in the front patio area where our yard furniture is, and my family is all behind him in the yard. i go over to him and i think he was planning on a little speech, but i couldn't shut up, so he got down on one knee and asked "do you wanna marry me" hahaha and i screamed yes!!!!!! it felt so surreal. he was nervous and shaking when i went to grab him, it was so cute haha but i felt incredibly happy and was glad my family was able to be apart of it. and he got to spend the rest of the weekend in arizona with all of us!

i cannot wait to be his wife (wife...sounds so weird) we've dated for over two years, and we've had our ups and downs, but there's nobody more perfect for me than him. we're complete opposites in almost every sense, but he's the other half of me that i'm not, and it makes me whole somehow. as cheesy as that sounds. ever since we first started dating, even before i knew i loved him, i could always feel this incredible amount of love he had for me. i've never met anyone more loyal and he puts up with every weird habit, every weakness, and every flaw. and the love always feels the same. i wouldn't care if we were poor the rest of our lives, if i get to spend everyday with him then i'm more than happy. having him by my side and making him him happy is all that matters, nothing else. i say prayers all throughout the day that nothing happens to him because he is everything to me, and i couldn't imagine living without him.

so there you have it...the carmacks are coming for yaaaaa summer 2014! ;)


  1. Congratualtions! I'm so happy for you! I always tear up at good, classic stories like this. <3 <3

  2. YES, all of this, YES!! congrats, cute girl! that was an adorable story--you guys are the cutest couple! ps marriage freaking rocks.

  3. Congrats! Such a cute story and I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to see all the wedding prep and posts!

  4. okay this is the cutest! i am sooo happy for you, jewelz! you guys are just the best!