January 30, 2014

^^^jen's farewell! had a yummy lunch at the thatcher's after her talk.^^^
^^^watching beej turn into a little kid at the neighborhood ice rink. any chance he gets he's down there playing hockey.^^^

 ^^^juicing juicing juicing....i love juicing^^^
 ^^^grocery store with boo^^^
 ^^^thrifting. (i regret not buying that coat) also, i can't wait to use that green bowl! my mom actually has the exact same bowl at our house that she got from my grandma's house when they were cleaning it out. and i told her how much i loved it, and then i found it at savers for $4. it was meant to be.^^^
 ^^^i haven eaten so much old grist in the last few weeks, but i don't mind one bit because it's so dang good. homemade sandwiches are the bomb.^^^
^^^friday night date night with my love at the olive garden. also, i gave green eyes a try for a night and i think i like?!^^^
 ^^^total couples crush on these two. love when we get to hang out with them. doubled for dinner at firehouse pizza and then played the most ridiculous/funniest game afterwards that i don't even remember what it was called, but it was goooood.^^^
 ^^^came home from work the other night and was craving a bubble bath. nothing sounded better after what seemed like the longest day ever. and i sat in the tub for 3 hours watching an idiot abroad. it was so great.^^^

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