February 2, 2014

^^^date night last night at the grocery store for super bowl goodies (also bj has worn this gray hoodie in almost every picture we've taken in the last two months)^^^

just wanted to give a little update on how the wedding plans are coming along. first off, we haven't finalized a date yet. that's probably been the hardest part so far if you can believe it or not. we were dead set on may 10th and that's what we were planning for. then, we found out my sister has volleyball nationals that weekend, which was followed by my cousin's wedding the next weekend, and then my sister glo's high school graduation after that. so that pretty much crossed may off the list. then we talked about june, but we were struggling to find a date that worked with beej's internship and summer school, plus other friends' weddings in june. soooooo then we pushed into july. beej is hooked on july 4th (it's his favorite holiday) or july 11th (7-11 free slurpee day...he's like we could get free slurpees every year on our anniversary! ha he's the cutest) but i soooort of don't like combining big events or holidays with other big events. i would hate if my birthday fell on christmas (no offense to those christmas birthdays). i love celebrating, so if you have the option to celebrate special events individually, then i say do it. and july 11th is a friday and we really want to have the wedding on a saturday so more people can come. long story short, we've gone back and forth, back and forth. one day it's august 2nd, then july 12th, and sometimes july 26th gets thrown in there ;)  it's been changing everyday. and first the temple was oquirrah mountain. now it's mount timpanogos. i think we've finalized mount timpanogos though so that's good right! :) beej finally told me "let me know the date and i'll be there" haha he's such a champ dealing with indecisive me. and now that i'm reading this post, i sound ridiculous. anyways carrying on.

one thing i've crossed off my list is my dress! and i got it for $75! YES $75. i was in shock too. partly because i wasn't really planning on finding my dress when i did. i was down in arizona and my mom was like you should see if they have any wedding stuff out at last chance. so when i got there i headed over to the line of wedding dresses hanging up and was just picking through, not really seeing anything. and i wasn't really expecting to find anything either. you can definitely find some amazing gems at last chance, but i didn't think my wedding dress! then i pulled out this beautiful, simple, silk gown hiding behind all the fluff and dropped my mouth when i saw the price. it was simple and chic, and i loved it. it's exactly what i wanted and it went with the wedding perfectly. i'd been so discouraged when i went dress shopping because i did not like anything. and if i did find a dress i liked, it was way out of my price range (why does that always happen?!). also, the cost to have a custom dress done turned out to be out of my price range too, and everything else was just too big, too fluffy, too overdone for me. but then i found this beauty on the racks at last chance. at LAST CHANCE of all places. i went home and googled the designer, la fleur by anne barge (never heard of before), and found wedding dresses ranging anywhere from $1200-$3500. so i thought okaaaay score. the quality and material is amazing. i just have to have the top altered so it has sleeves and find a veil. but other than that it feels good to have that out of the way!

we're keeping the wedding really simple and aiming for a fun summer backyard wedding feel. we talked about going down to cheesecake factory and buying a cheesecake for our cake and putting some flowers on it. seriously why not? i'm not going to over-pinterest it with a bajillion decorations. i strongly feel pinterest should be used for inspiration, and not to overtake your wedding. lights and candles can go a looooooong way because it's all about that romantic lighting you know?!  i want it to be a fun party, as it should be since it's a celebration. there's gonna be lots of good jams, dancing, and entertainment from my poly side of the family (oh i can't wait for this! it is the best part. when the entertainment and dancing part rolls around at any poly wedding, i feel this insane amount of love for my culture) 

one piece of advice i've heard from several people though is to try and budget the best you can, which we were already planning on doing, and i think we've done a good job of so far. i had no idea how expensive weddings were until we started getting quotes from places, and then we started crapping our pants. we looked at one venue and the final quote was $11,000. ummmmm what?! we could put a down payment on a house with that kind of cash! but kudos to you if you can afford that. we are lucky enough to have both of our families helping out, but we still want to help with the costs and be conscious of what we're spending. i'm the first of five girls in my family, so there's still a lot of weddings to come after mine. our lucky parents ;)

even though wedding days are so so special, i don't think an expensive dress or fancy venue can really make it that much more special. i've seen cheap weddings completely outdo an expensive wedding. but that's just my opinion. however, one thing i won't budge on is the photographer/videographer. that's the most important part for us. and of course the honeymoon! ;) (jk jk but for real though)

i can't wait to nail down the date so i can officially start my countdown to mrs. carmack! oh i'm so excited to marry my beej!

also, if you have any advice on wedding planning, please share! :)


  1. Wow you got your dress for $75?! That's amazing! I'm in the process of planning a wedding as well and it's so true -- weddings are wildly expensive. We have just been hunting for deals and trying to figure out logistics. There are so many ridiculously high costs I didn't even consider when first thinking about weddings, the two biggest ones being invitations and flowers. Also, my mom is dead set on having a DJ instead of just a playlist at our reception, and I just can't bear the thought of paying a guy $1000 to announce some stuff on a mic and play some tunes (no disrespect to DJs.) sorry for rambling, but basically, the toughest part for me has been accepting the fact that I can't make everyone happy. If someone's going to judge me for having non-etched invitations or minimal decor at the reception, then that's just not my problem. At the end of the day, I just want to be married to the one I love, yknow? But seriously I love reading about how people plan their wedding so keep posting updates!!

  2. Oh my goodness, I just googled the designer of your dress and I love what I'm seeing! I can't wait to see your dress with the alterations! And I feel the same way about celebrations - my daughter was due within a week of my husband's birthday and I was so dead set against them having the same birthday because it cancels out a day of celebration! Find a unique date and enjoy it!

  3. I hope you pick a date soon and book the temple! :) it feels even more real when that date and time are set! And budgeting SUCKS! I'm spending the most on my photographer too, gotta have the memories. But finding great deals are such a blessing! Your dress sounds amazing too! Congrats!

  4. I'm so happy for you!! Seriously cheaper weddings are the way to go. Try to find someone's backyard you know, for free! And instead of flowers we did candles on tables. A billion times cheaper. And we did black and off white invites with a 4x6 print with it. way cheaper than most! Good luck! Can't wait to see it all!

  5. I seriously cannot believe that. I'm obsessed with last chance!! and even more after hearing your story!

  6. SHUT UP! You got your wedding dress for $75??!!??!! I'm so jealous. Mine was like a thousand freaking dollars. That's AMAZING. I can't wait to see what it looks like (you better post pictures). I found your blog, because I really liked the layout of your button, so good job ahaha.

  7. My BEST decision was my photographer, because not only was she was a fantastic, classy, elegant photographer, she helped sooo much in all areas she could. She helped me with outfits, ideas, invites, then on the wedding day she made sure things went smoothly so that the photographs turned out well, AND she doesn't cost thousands of dollars. Seriously anytime I can brag about her I do cause she just made our wedding so much more awesome. Check her out! , and I am %99 sure she gives bloggers a discount if they do a post about their wedding photography. :)