March 1, 2014

^tall skinny palm trees and blue skies make me so happy.^
 ^this is not the best picture of my sandwich...but it was SO good. chipotle cheese steak from jersey mike's!^
 ^3rd street and promenade. i will never get sick of this view...or california sunsets.^
 ^anthro twins^
 ^yamato with our cali girls^
 ^diddy riese ice cream sandwich for $1.75!!!! love that place. (everyone made fun of the flavors i picked haha)^

last weekend my girl nat and i headed out to LA for a quick weekend getaway. and maaaan it was so good to get out of utah! we had allegiant flight vouchers we needed to use up before march, so we got to go on a little girls trip for free! (i still do not recommend using allegiant air...but we went in with really low expectations and had a free place to stay, so we weren't losing any money if something went wrong)

the night before we left was nat's birthday, and i did not go to bed that night. literally. we finished birthday celebrations and i went home to finish some work, pack, and clean. by the time i was done we had to head out (which was 5:30 am!) so yeah no sleep. we drove down to the provo airport (it's teeny tiny) that morning and slept on the airport ground (suuuuuper comfortable) before we headed out.

i was so happy when we got off the plane. it was sunny, blue skies, and perfect weather. and it stayed that way the whole weekend (i love you LA). i was having a blast just driving around looking at palm trees. tall, skinny palm trees make me so happy. i sound pathetic and like i've never seen a palm tree before, but it was so good to finally have a change of scenery from cold, wintery utah. (i would move out of utah just for the fact that i do not like utah this time of year). we picked up our little rental car, which really was very little. i felt like i was driving a smart car, but it was so great for parking and gas, so we were happy.

because we were starving, we headed to jersey mike's for sandwiches. i got the chipotle cheese steak and it was delicious. we debated going and taking a nap at our friend whitney's apartment where we were staying, but we didn't want to waste anytime we had! so we quickly headed to her apartment to drop our things off, freshen up, and get out on the town.

afterwards we went down to 3rd street and promenade to do a little shopping and walk around. surprisingly, i was disciplined enough to not buy anything! i knew i would go hog wild if i got started, so i refrained. but i was plenty encouraging to nat's shopping purchases. i'm the worst person to ask about getting anything because i will encourage any purchase.

we went back to whit's apartment to get ready for dinner and see her! (she wasn't home earlier) it was so good finally getting to visit her in LA. she's been out there for two years and it was my first trip to visit her since she moved. she has the cutest apartment in santa monica and we had a blast staying with her and her roommates.

we headed to yamato with everyone to grab some sushi for dinner (so cheap, way good) and went to diddy riese's after for some ice cream sandwiches. guys, diddy riese is awesome. it's $1.75 for a fatty ice cream sandwich, and you can pick your own ice cream and cookies. so if you're in santa monica you gotta stop by!

the night ended with some girly pillow talk and some much needed sleep!

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