March 20, 2014

 ^butternut squash and ricotta pizza with parmesan cheese, oil with peppers, and fresh oregano at urth caffe in beverly hills. i was LOVING on this pizza, couldn't stop talking about how good it was while i was eating it. so so good. and as you can see i scarfed down my chocolate boba drink.^
 ^chocolate boba^
 ^we thought the hollywood sign was going to look a lot bigger from here...^
 ^Los Angeles temple^
 ^the biggest burrito ever. i'm pretty sure it beats chipotle's.^
 ^why not two nights in a row?^
^firehouse subs on our way home from provo to logan^

 our last full day in LA was amazing. we'd heard from several people that urth caffe was really good aaaand the kardashians (my guilty pleasure...ugh i know, i'm not proud of it) have been spotted there so we thought we'd give it a try. let me tell you. my butternut squash ricotta pizza and chocolate boba drink was HEAVEN. you gotta go to urth caffe if you're ever in LA. 

after brunch we headed up to the griffith observatory to check out the hollywood sign. i thought we were going to be A LOT closer. we had the option of hiking to a closer view of it, but we were in church clothes and called it good from where we were at. after we got a few pics we went back down to walk sunset boulevard. we just talked and talked and talked until we realized we probably we're going to be late for church if we didn't head back to the car soon.

we met up with whitney and jordan at their ward in santa monica. and i'll just say i love going to church outside of utah. it feels normal. but nothing will beat church in hawaii. that's my all time favorite. 

we headed to the LA temple after church (i'd never been) and it was absolutely beautiful. it was huge and it sat right in the city. if i was from LA or my family lived there, i'd for sure get married in that temple. but we strolled around the grounds talking about life while the sun was setting and i didn't want to leave. after we snapped some pics, we headed to this really good mexican place (taco plus??). i've never had a burrito so big. it was GIGANTIC. and then to top it off we went to sprinkles cupcakes. again. we just had to get another cupcake from there before heading back to utah! so yes we ate well, maybe too well. but for me good food is one of the best parts of a vacation.

it was such a good trip with my girl and it was nice to get out of utah together. thankfully the weather here has significantly warmed up so i'm happy with that. oh how i can't wait for summer to be here!

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