March 16, 2014

^i have an obsession with palm trees^
^i'll never stop loving you thrifty cotton candy ice cream^
^we look so tired and awkward in this picture. i never wake up with bags under my eyes, but pulling an all nighter will do damage to you the next morning.^
^the most polite, cutest little girl. the famouse elle.^
^coconut cupcake yes pleeeeeeeeeease!^
these pictures are from our second day in LA when nat and i went a few weeks ago. it was such a good day i didn't want it to end. except for the part when we got lost and couldn't find a flaming fatburger for the life of us...i couldn't wait for that part to end because i was starrrrrrving. but i'll get to that story, it's a good one.
we started our day off with leftover sushi for breakfast, which sounds way worse than it actually is. i know someone is gagging after they read that, but we are sushi die hards, and i'll speak for myself but i can literally eat anything for breakfast.

anyways, whenever nat and i go on a trip just the two of us, we never have a plan. both of us are just happy to get outta town. so we decided to head down to venice beach for the day. we had a blast just walking up and down the beach, talking about every detail of each other's lives, laughing, soaking up the sun, and eating my favorite kind of cotton candy ice cream (i'm addicted to that crap).

this is where my fatburger story comes in. we both were getting real hungry while we were at the beach, so we thought we'd find a fatburger and go grab a burger and fries for a late lunch. well a late lunch turned right into dinner. gps took us to a fatburger that had moved to another location, so we set out to find the next nearest one. and lets just say a twenty minute drive turned into two hours. somehow we ended up driving around for far too long making too many u-turns and wrong turns. why didn't we give up fatburger and pull into one of the many restaurants we passed on our little journey to get a darn burger? we don't know either, just couldn't give fatburger up. we finally found one just in time for dinner, hallelujah! i don't know if the burger was that amazing or if i was just that hungry. the funny thing is after we ate, we happened to pass four or five fatburgers that night. how does that always happen?

well the day gets even better. we needed to charge up so we could use our phones the rest of the night, so we headed back to whit's apartment. we got to the door and realized we forgot to get a key from whit before she left to work that morning. so we were locked out. thank goodness i had my charger in my purse. so we charged for a bit on an outside outlet and called jordan, whit's sister, to see if we could come pick her key up while she was nannying. so we got a little juice and then headed up to the house she was at. it was the most gorgeous drive up to the house, and we also got to meet the famous little elle that both whitney and jordan nanny.

we now had a key to get in and freshen up for the night so we could go out dancing, but then nat remembered she left her id in whit's car from the night before, so that was a no go. on the upside, we drove over to sprinkles for a little nighttime treat. we both got cupcakes from the cupcake atm (most awesome thing ever) and were in heaven. soooooo goooooood. sprinkles is amazing.

even though we ran into a few funny bumps during the day, they made for fun memories we won't ever forget.   


  1. Okay so I go to school in Idaho, and seeing these pictures makes me wanna die. I love it, and you're so beautiful! It looks like you guys had a lovely time. (:

  2. Thank you so much, you are the sweetest! We did have a great time and I wanna go back now!

  3. Looks like so much fun!!! Cotton candy Ice cream?!?! I need to try this ASAP!!

    <3 Shannon

  4. These pictures make my heart happy! So gorgeous :)
    xo TJ