April 3, 2014

yes, beej's birthday was a month ago. but i realized i never praised his 28th year of life here on the blog. so bear with me if it gets mushy, i just love this guy so dang much.

first off, i'm pretty sure beej could care less about celebrating his birthday. (is that a guy thing or what?) but me on the other hand, i LOVE a reason to celebrate anything. so he lets me do my thing and make it a big deal. however, i think he is secretly starting to enjoy my surprises more and more each year ;) (probably because deep down he actually loves being spoiled!).

i woke up early the morning of his birthday (this is extremely hard for me to do fyi) to make him breakfast. then on my way to work, i came marching through his living room with cake doughnuts in hand, candles lit, carrying balloons, and singing happy birthday solo. ha! i wish that would have been filmed. that night we tried a new pizza place in logan that was soooooo good, walked around big 5, grabbed some ice cream at charlie's, opened gifts, and then watched white collar the rest of the night. he didn't want to do anything else, and i was completely okay with that because nights like that are my favorite. the next morning we headed down to salt lake to celebrate with his friends and family for the weekend.

i've been thinking a lot lately about how precious and fragile time is. life really is so short and it can change in a matter of seconds. i don't forget for a single moment how lucky and blessed i've been with the people i have in my life. i feel grateful to have been able to spend another birthday with my other half, and i can not wait to share the rest of my life with this guy! august hurry up, you're taking forever! ;)

here are a just few reasons why i love my b....

1. when i tell him to tell me that i can't have sweets, even if i beg for it, i tell him he must tell me no. but he ALWAYS lets me off the hook. haha it's funny, sweet, and not helpful all at the same time.
2. when he calls me his polynesian princess.
3. when he wishes me goodnight and says i can't wait to see you tomorrow. for some reason i love it so much that he is still excited to see me every day.
4. when he is trying to answer all my questions at once. some of which i've already asked, but he answers again just to reassure me.
5. when he does things for me without asking. like coming over and shoveling my driveway after a blizzard. i never have to ask, he just does it.
6. and the fact he still opens my door for dates.

happy (late) birthday my love! you're the best and i love you more than you love the fourth of july. 

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  1. ok my husband is the same way--doesn't really care about b-day celebrations. however, i think deep down they ADORE that you put so much effort into it, and that you care. also love your list of sweet things he does for you! what a couple! you guys just keep getting cuter and cuter. xoxo