April 29, 2014

 ^so grateful for all of these ladies!!!!!^
^maid of honor and shower thrower. gonna miss this girl when the big apple takes her.^
 ^my logan ladies forever and ever (just missing shelbz walk!)^
 ^the one. the only. 10 years later and still by my side. always going all out for me.^
^lunch/my favorite sugar cookies/em cozz's cutest party favors/my love!^
 ^mama thatch made the best food for the shower! she is the greatest.^
 ^loved answering all these questions^

last weekend my girl nat thatch threw me a bridal shower before she takes off to new york city this summer and it was so much fun. it was great having a reason to gather up my girlfriends for an afternoon. i feel so blessed to have so many wonderful ladies in my life. i'm blown away by the generosity these ladies showed me last weekend and i love each of them more than i can express in words.

we had a delicious lunch made by mama thatch, who was so sweet to come up from slc and make all the ridiculously yummy food. this woman is an AMAZING cook. i always love whenever i have dinner at the thatcher's because it is alwaaaaaaaays mouth drooling, wanna stuff my face good. we had warm turkey sandwiches on pretzel rolls and a super good salad with lots of veggies. i actually forgot to put dressing on my salad and it was still so good. nat also picked up my favorite cookies and cadbury eggs (so addicting it's not funny).

after lunch we opened gifts and played a fun little game. i answered questions that natalie previously asked bj earlier in the week and the point was to see if our answers would match up. it was a lot of fun. i think i got almost every answer right except for 1 or 2 that i missed, and his answers surprised me on those ones. for example what he likes best about me? he said my eyes. "umm what..." was my reaction when i heard the answer. there is nothing special about my brown eyes. and we don't talk about these special eyes of mine haha, so i was surprised that was his answer, but i'm glad he likes them :)

the shower ended with taking a bajillion pictures outside and lots of talking while people headed out. some of the girls and i stayed at the house for a few hours after the shower just having the funnest girl talk about everything. i loved that. 

i want to send a huge thank you to all the ladies who came to my shower saturday. each of you made it special for me and i hope you all know how wonderful you are and that i love each of you so much.

here's to 95 more days until my boyfriend is finally my husband!

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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time at your bridal shower. These pictures are lovely and everyone seems to have enjoyed a lot. I’m also throwing a bridal shower for my daughter this week and hope to have fun. She’s getting married next month at one of the beautiful event locations.