May 28, 2014

 ^these blonde hair blue eyed little babes are my first cousins. (they have two brothers that are just as adorable.) they are the sweetest, cuddliest, most loving little bundles of cuteness. i always get a hug or kiss when i ask, which most of the time i don't have to, or they come for cuddles on their own. oh they just make my heart melt.^
^gloria's teeth are glowing so bright in this picture haha^
 ^the bride!!!!^
 ^this weekend was one giant slumber party. i loved every minute of it.^
 ^teagon used to not go to anyone and now he's just full of cuddles. i love this little kid!^
 ^had smashburger for the first time and it totally surprised me at how delicious it was.^
last weekend was my cousin kenzie's wedding down in st. george. me and beej drove down after work on friday to meet up with the rest of my family, and picked my dad up in salt lake on the way. and let me just tell you, i could not wait to see everyone! we haven't had our family all together in the same place since christmas. and by all together, i mean it's just me that doesn't get to see everyone on a regular basis since i'm the only one who doesn't live in arizona right now. if i think about it for too long, it starts to make me sad, so i try not to.

when everyone finally pulled into the parking lot that night, i thought my heart was going to burst. i sprinted to the car ready to hand out a million hugs and kisses. the first night most of us girls stayed up talking while the boys made a late night run to denny's. the first nights when i see my family are always my favorite because i get to hear all the funny stories in person and we always stay up late talking and catching up on everything.

saturday was kenzie's wedding and she didn't get married till late afternoon, so we spent the morning lounging around. however, i was in charge of getting all the kids to the temple on time while the other adults were at the sealing, and we almost missed kenzie coming out. i fell asleep and woke up to one of the kids telling me that auntie said kenzie was coming out soon. so i got up and rushed everyone along, which thankfully we made it right before she came out. she looked beautiful and so happy.

we took some pictures on the red rock afterwards and grabbed some ice cream at iceberg. so good and perfect for a hot afternoon. their mini sizes are a crap load of ice cream, but i wasn't complaining. we continued to eat more food with a buffet of brick oven pizza and ice cream sandwiches at the reception. (there was a lot of food consumed this weekend)

it was such a good time with my favorite people. i was so happy i got to be with everyone and didn't want to leave the next day. if you don't know this about me, i have a real case of FOMO (fear of missing out) haha it's sad but true. in fact, i kept pushing our leave time back on sunday so we could go to lunch with everyone and hang out longer. this resulted in barely getting our rental car back on time. by barely, i mean by one minute. and i'm not joking. we even got pulled over (with the first warning of my life might i add...going 94 in an 80, i know not smart. we were shocked haha) which i thought for sure would make us way late, but beej gunned it back to alamo so we didn't have to pay another day's worth, and we made it! (i sort of get an adrenaline rush by pushing time boundaries, anyone who has flown with me knows this.)

well, this weekend was a blast. and i love my family.

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