June 1, 2014

 dress: anthropologie
heels: target

this was one of the outfits i wore for our engagement pictures this past friday. i decided last minute i hated what i was wearing while we were in the car, so i ran into anthropologie with thirty minutes to find something and voila! it's super simple, but the fit and comfort is unreal. when i first saw it i wasn't sure if i liked it, but i grabbed it anyway and after trying it on i had to get it. it's the softest material and perfect for summer. i never buy anything full price at anthropologie...never. i can't bring myself to do it with the exception of their candles, but i justified it this one time.

if you are looking for someone to do your makeup, call h2blow at foothill village in salt lake and ask for elise harris. she is so so good and she did exactly what i wanted. and she is amazing at shaping eyebrows, ah! i die. it seriously makes a world of difference having a professional do it rather than yourself, especially for important events. i didn't want to take my makeup off that night. so book her if you are in search of a makeup artist!

also, tessa barton is taking all of our pictures and she was awesome to work with. that girl has got her ish together. she was so much fun and i'm happy we were able to book her for everything. i didn't really search for photographers because so many people recommended her to us. so we went off that and couldn't be more ecstatic. we absolutely loved her. if you are looking for a photographer, book her!

i have been going going going for the last three weeks. i feel like i'm being tugged every which way, whether it's something for work, the wedding, or whatever. may was insanely busy and i don't think it will slow down till august. wedding stuff is really picking up and i feel like all of a sudden there are five million things to do!!!! i'm looking at my to do list and i don't know where to start. please just excuse me for my ten second vent.

anyways, i know the next few months are going to fly and i wish time would slow down for just a little bitty second. while i was at home in arizona last weekend, i couldn't believe how old everyone in my family was looking. it was just like whoah, everyone is growing up and becoming adults. even my baby sissies are looking so grown up to me. where is the time going?!

well, here's to tangents and savoring every moment. 


  1. Lovely look dear :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog :)
    I'm really sorry that you couldn't shop online, I don't know why the currency doesn't change :(
    Anyways, I'm following you on gfc, would be great if you follow me too :)

  2. such a darling dress!

    we tried to do all the wedding planning over christmas break so we wouldn't have to do it closer to the wedding. well... it never works that way. you ALWAYS have stuff to do. but it's so worth it at the end.