June 25, 2014

photography: tessa barton

we just got our engagement pictures back! it was so hard to pick through them so sorry that there's a million, but i just couldn't hold back. and yes i know the last 3 are the same picture, but beej's smile just gets bigger and bigger and i love it haha. we took them in neff's canyon down by holladay and tessa barton was our photographer. she was so great to work with and we can't wait to shoot our bridals with her next weekend. 

well we're heading into the home stretch. i can't believe it. we only have 38 days left. THIRTY EIGHT. some days i'm over all the planning and stress and wonder why we thought pushing it back 3 months was a good idea, and then other days i'm relieved and so glad we waited. it gave me more time to do everything, but right now at this moment it feels like time is flying by so fast. i have every weekend and almost every day in between packed with planning or doing something wedding related. we knocked out a lot of big stuff at the beginning, but somehow it feels like there's a million little things to do and i can't keep track. regardless of how everything turns out, this blondie boy of mine and myself are gettin' hitched whether we're ready or not ;) and then off to the caribbean we'll go!

i follow humans of ny on instagram and my best friend showed me a post that she said reminded her of me and beej. it was a picture of an old couple and below the caption read...

"he's always supported a sense of independence in me."
"how has he done that?"
"by letting me do what i damn well please."

i laughed so hard when she showed me this because it could not be more true. beej has always let me be me and never tried to change who i am. other than pulling me back when i'm standing too close to someone in the grocery store checkout line, but other than that he lets me do what i want. and it works for us. i'll tell him a crazy idea and he'll say "yeah let's do it". or i'll say "we should move here" and he'll say "okay i'm down".  i'm grateful i've got him in my corner supporting my dreams, goals, and ambitions because i couldn't do it without him. 

the other day we were walking home from a friend's wedding and i was in heels and a dress, and there was one of those sprinkler heads that rotates and shoots water out twenty feet. well, i would have been soaked, but he walked up without saying a word and stopped it, so i'd stay dry and could walk on by. and he waited till i was out of the twenty feet radius of the sprinkler to let go of it. i sort of laughed inside because it felt like such a diva moment, and then i just felt blessed to have someone who does the little things like that for me.

here's to love and happiness! (cue al green)


  1. I love you! You look absolutely stunning! I can't wait to come see you on your big day. Happy days to come!

  2. K, seriously.. The status of your babe-ness is completely unmatchable.

  3. your hair like, needs a facebook fan page dedicated to it or something..? these pictures are nothing short of stunning! so excited for you!

  4. lovely! are these film photos? they're stunning :)

  5. I love it! Your photographer did an amazing job and you two are stunning! I just love how vibrant these are. So excited for you!