June 23, 2014

^where i worked for the week^
^bomb sandwich at muffins cafe^
^finally got to try the banana pudding at magnolia bakery! it is out of this world. it's the best banana pudding i've ever had, and it's as good as everyone says it is. i actually thought it was better because i wasn't expecting it to be holy-crap-this-is-amazing, but it was. so if you're in new york you have to get some! (i sort of wish we would have ate more of it while i was there or that i'd taken some home with me! haha)^
^at kinky boots. the drag queens and billy porter make the show! they were killing me the entire time.^
^waiting for james franco!!!!!!^
^as you can tell, i'm just so excited in this picture. like what is that face?! i look like a crazy person.^
^some random kid that stopped to take a picture with me in front of the cupcake atm haha^
 ^they were out of practically every cupcake so i settled for plain old vanilla, and it was still amazing and moist and sweet and fluffy and oh so delicious.^

while i was in new york, i still had to work. so i would usually head out when natalie went to work and park it at a coffee shop nearby that had wifi. we would meet up for lunch and after work. it gave me this false sense that i actually lived there haha that was fun while it lasted.

natalie had just seen the broadway show kinky boots and said that we HAD to see it together when i got into town. after work, we raced over to the ticket office because they were holding a lottery for kinky boots tickets (this is the way to go with broadway tickets, so much cheaper!) and when i say race, i literally mean we were racing over there. we got confused about the time, so as soon as we met up after work we caught a subway and then ran the rest of the way to to the ticket office. i just remember running and following behind natalie with my backpack hitting my butt the entire time and trying to dart people left and right through times square. but we made it with two minutes to spare. with lottery tickets you can only claim your ticket with a photo identification, and i guess they're pretty strict about it. well i left mine back at the apartment, so i was sort of hoping my name didn't get called so that it wouldn't matter anyway. sure enough though, my name got drawn. i started listing off all these ways to identify myself like i have my debit card with my name on it, i can spell my last name really fast and assured him no one can do it that fast, i showed him my screensaver on my phone, and luckily the guy let it slide! people in the back were like "we believe her!" haha

we had a little time to kill before the show so we headed to steak n' shake for dinner. it was delicious and hit the spot. we walked around times square a bit until show time. when we headed back, we took our seats and anxiously waited for it to start. all i can say is i was blown away. the show was absolutely amazing. so much talent, i can't get over it. and billy porter is out of this world. if you're in new york, GO see it. i'm happy i can claim that as my first broadway show ever.

after kinky boots, we headed over to catch james franco coming out of mice and men. nat had seen it with her mom the week before and gotten a picture with him, but wanted to take me so i could get an autograph and picture, too. we sounded like total giddy idiots the whole time waiting, and even wrote nat's number to give to him, but when he finally made it down our way it was so stressful and he was moving so quick towards the end we didn't hand it to him. haha yeah we're idiots. we were towards the end and i think he was over signing and taking pictures by the time he got to us, so i had to shove my way through to get a picture. (yeah i was that person for a second. normally i'm not like that, i'd probably just blow it off like oh well, but that night i HAD to get an autograph and picture). the first time i tried i had my camera ready for a selfie with him, but when he came around i was so flustered and stressed that i couldn't aim it right, which he then pointed out and said, "you have crappy aim." so missed opportunity there, but that didn't get me down. while he was finishing the last few signings before he got into his car, i raced up to him and squeezed my way through and said, "will you pleeeeease sign my sticky pad?!" and "i didn't get a good picture before, will you take another with me?!" haha this was all said at lightning speed. he smiled and signed my blue sticky pad and took another picture with me and noted i had better aim this time (even though i look like a total psycho in it). haha that five minutes was so stressful and exhilarating, i felt like i was coming down from a high afterwards.

we grabbed cupcakes at sprinkles for the second night in a row on our way home (yes we're sort of obsessed, but oh myyyyyyy gosh the chocolate coconut, i mean holy crap i'm in love). it was the perfect way to end our night...until we got lost on our way home.

i still don't understand exactly how we got lost, all i know is we got on a line that makes most of same stops as the line we needed to take, but eventually the line split and took us in the wrong direction. sooo we ended up lost in the bronx at midnight. and nat felt so bad. haha she's a champ for being the one leading the way and finding out directions most of the time. i know she's still figuring out the subway system, too! anyways, two guys on the train overheard us talking about where we needed to go and told us we were headed towards the bronx and to get off at one of the upcoming stops, which happened to be their stop, too. they were so so nice, and even though it seemed like they could be part of a gang and we probably should have been scared (believe me i get scared later), you could tell they had such kind hearts and were good people.

we got off a few stops later with them, which was right in the projects, and at this point i wasn't scared because they were walking with us and talking and telling us where to go, so i wasn't too focused yet on the fact that we were walking around the projects late at night. we walked to their apartment which was on the way to our subway stop, where they invited us to come up and smoke weed, and we politely declined and got directions one last time. so me and nat were then on our own. i was fine for a second and then i started freaking out when neither one of us could remember how many blocks he said to go up and where we needed to turn. we started running, which in a sense made me feel worse because i felt like we were in a confused hurry. in a rush to get somewhere but we didn't know where. know what i mean? and the street we went up was dark so i thought at any moment we were for sure going to be snatched from a dark corner and no one would see us again. so we ran up one street, then ran back down, almost tripped over a rat that came out of nowhere, and then crossed over a few streets. natalie called our new subway friends (they told us to call them if we got lost when we exchanged numbers earlier) and started walking ahead of me, while i spotted a police officer on a street corner. he could tell i looked lost and frantic, and asked what was wrong. so i told him we were lost and the first thing he says is "you need to get out of here as soon as possible" you can imagine this did not make me feel better. he was way nice but i don't really know why he needed to say that. he said we landed in a really bad part of town and there's a reason there's cops out roaming the streets at this time of night yada yada...still not making me feel better cop. so my voice may have gotten a little panicky, and he said don't stress just catch the train around the corner, which nat had just found, too. so we were close! we ran over there and i finally started feeling better. we made it home safe and i couldn't have felt more relieved. the best part was natalie remained pretty calm the whole time and i turned into a psychopath.

i'm reading over this and realizing that i sound sort of pathetic. even though it is dangerous and you definitely don't want to be lost in the bronx at midnight and i had a right to be scared haha, there are people who call that place home, and are born, raised, and live there every day. it made me feel grateful for the safety and comfort i feel on a daily basis.

so that's how we ended my second night in new york. it was a wild one to say the least ;)

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  1. New York looks amazing, so does that sandwich! Also, ohmygawd you met James Franco! Could only be topped if it were Dave Franco, in my opinion ;-) x