June 16, 2014

new york is unreal. everything about it. from above, the city looks like a bunch of building blocks stacked on top of each other. the night before i left, i got no sleep. i procrastinated packing (i can't do anything without a little pressure) and fell asleep at 11pm with my alarm set at 2am so i could finish packing. i'm still trying to figure out why i do that to myself. it was a long day of traveling, i left at 6am and didn't get to new york till 3:30pm, and then i found out my bag didn't make the connecting flight so i had to wait around for the next flight to pick up my bag.

after all that, i finally made it to harlem where natalie lives. we met up and i dropped all my stuff off before we headed out for the night. we grabbed hotdogs for dinner at gray's papaya with her friend sam and then headed to a yankees game. i love how much yankees fans love the yankees. neither one of us had been to a yankees game so we thought it would be fun. even though i'm not a huge baseball fan, the atmosphere was so great and we had a blast. does it get more american than hotdogs and baseball? :)

whenever nat and i get together, we talk a lot. and we talk loud. and most of the time we get so immersed and lost in our conversation that we're not really paying attention to anything else. anyways, this girl next to us overheard our conversation, and come to find out she was visiting from utah and we have mutual friends, and i'm thinking of all the places to sit in the stadium. is it not the smallest world or what?

my favorite thing about new york is every single person is different. you come in contact with the weirdest people, and i love it because they're just being who they are. you can be anybody you want, do what you want, say what you want, believe what you want, and people don't judge you. and if they are judging you, chances are you won't see them again so it doesn't really matter. don't get me wrong, there are things i just love about utah, but sometimes i struggle with the mentality people have here. so it was refreshing to escape from that for a bit.

first night was a success! can't wait to share the rest of our trip. 


  1. i can't wait to see the rest of your pictures! NY is my absolute favorite place on the planet--and my husband and i will be on a plane to move there the second we graduate from college! seriously though, there is something magical about all the different, intriguing people. you totally look like you could be a new york gal--you fit right in!

  2. wow cool we also live in Harlem! It sounds like you had lots of fun! :-)