August 17, 2014

^our small little nook is currently overflowing right now^
well, i'm back! i haven't blogged the last month or two due to pure wedding craze and work and moving and everything in between. the month before the wedding was so exhausting! i swear planning a wedding is a full time job in and of itself. props to people who take on far more than even i did. but i'm excited to share everything from the last two months in my upcoming posts. right now though, i feel this urgent need to hurry and write down some thoughts i had this morning before i forget.

we just got home from our honeymoon yesterday. we have been gone for two weeks and it feels so good to be home! some (or a lot) might think two weeks is a ridiculous amount of time to take for a honeymoon, and i won't lie we were both ready to come home by the end of it, but i wouldn't trade those two weeks that we had just the two of us for anything. it was the perfect time to relax and reset. now i am pumped to get back to work! haha i might take that back in a few weeks ;) but really though, i am.

after we got in yesterday, we spent the rest of the night picking stuff up from the wedding, opening gifts, and hauling everything back up to logan. once everything was unloaded and we were inside, we both sat down on the countertops (we don't have chairs yet haha) and just stared at this giant mess to go through, but feeling happier than ever. it's finally feeling real and i love it.

this morning i woke up really early for some reason, which if you know me, that's usually not the case. i quietly tiptoed into our little nook, looking at all the wedding stuff, reading the posts in our sign in book, seeing the gifts people had given us, and instantly went back to our wedding day.

our wedding day was perfect, like every bride says. but it really was, regardless of the things that did not go as planned. i could list more than a handful of things that didn't go right that day, or things that weren't ready on time haha but those things made it memorable, and in the scheme of things don't really matter. we had an amazing sealing, one of the best (words other people shared with me) and i think it was inspired more for me than beej, it was like someone was answering all these questions for me that i hadn't asked out loud. and the best part was celebrating the whole day with so many people we love, all at once. i seriously can't think of anything better than having all the people you love so much all together in one place.

i am so thankful, to the point it hurts and makes me want to cry, for everyone who took part in our special day, and leading up to it. so many people offered help and became proactively involved, which i will be forever grateful for. i hate asking people for help and don't like putting people out, but so many people were right there when i needed them, without me having to say a word. my friend emily woke up at the butt crack of dawn to come to salt lake and do my makeup when my makeup artist had to cancel, and even missed pics at the temple to race to salt lake to pick up our cake and pictures. and my other friend jourdan volunteered to arrange a new bouquet for me after the temple since i ended up not being crazy about mine (my fault for not asking to see what it might look like). and my family, oh gosh. at my beck and call the whole week up to the wedding and day of. just the best support team and wedding prep crew i could have asked for. they are everything. my mom flew up the week before from arizona and i basically lived the only child life as she catered to my every need. and my dad spent the whole week prepping to feed a crap load of hungry people for the dinner. on top of that my brother and dad, and along with cousins, built our stage and dance floor the day of by hand. just so many people working hard and fast to make it wonderful.

i saw this diy garland on pinterest that i thought would be so cute for the wedding, i did NOT think it was going to take as long as it did. so the day before the wedding, when there were a million other important things to be doing, we started on this garland. i didn't factor how long it would take to dry these wet, colored coffee filters. we sat in the hotel, with a full blown assembly line of all my sisters, mom, auntie, and two cousins, passing down these coffee filters from one person to the next. we had 3 blowdryers going at one time, and everyone was dripping sweat from the heat, and people were growing tired of doing the same thing for so long. at one point one of my sisters said "okay good enough, we're done" and i was like "no! we haven't finished all the filters, we're so close!" so we continued on. (it ended up taking 5-6 hours and we even stopped drying some of the coffee filters and put them on wet haha so you can imagine how much longer it would have taken, but you know when you start a project and you just have to finish it?) we also may have burned a few patches of carpet from applying the blowdryer too directly and closely to the coffee filters, which were scattered every which way on the floor. the best part was watching my little sister in the rear view mirror holding some of the wet filters outside the window on our way down to the venue. they spent the rest of the night, till we could no longer function, helping me get the venue ready. seriously the best wedding prep crew. i love each of them so much, i can't even put it into words. family is everything.

we are so thankful to both of our families, parents, siblings, ward members, friends, co-workers, teammates, photographers, videographers, and everyone who was part of our day. so many people came from near and far, and that meant the world to us. the support, time given, and generosity that was shown to us will never be forgotten. we feel blessed to have received so much love over the last 8 months. so thank you all for making our wedding day and the days up to it so wonderful.

if i have any advice to give to a future bride, it's this:

1. if something doesn't go absolutely perfect, don't let it ruin your day. it really doesn't matter when it comes down to it, or at all for that matter. as long as you're with the one you love most, celebrating with the ones you hold nearest and dearest, that's all that matters. (i feel like society these days compares more than ever. especially weddings. never compare, EVER.) 
3. do not be a bridezilla. i think i'm safe to say that i was not? one of my sisters might correct me haha but really being a bridezilla sucks the fun from those real and special moments, plus it just makes everyone else feel stressed. be clear in what you want, but be nice, too. ;)
4. try to savor every moment. this is hard because the day is so busy and so long. but enjoy those special moments that only happen once, really live in the moment, and be present. this might be a "yeah, no duh", but the whole day is scheduled out like an agenda that you feel like you're moving from one thing to the next. so just really enjoy each part of the day. 

well this was a long post, but i'm glad i got it all down. i can't wait to share more from the last two months in upcoming posts! stay tuned :) 

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  1. haha i like advice #2!
    i had mcdonalds on my wedding day before the reception because i was too hungry to wait :)