May 31, 2015

dress: asos
heels: asos
glasses: warby parker

i'm a sucker for anything stripes. and not only is this dress in stripes, but it's so comfy. i actually slept in it the other night when i was too lazy to get into pjs. i've also been looking for a thick pair of quality tortoise frames and finally found them. these frames from warby parker are the perfect statement piece.

we had a relatively relaxing weekend. it may have been more relaxing for me since beej had to work saturday night and i did not. instead i cleaned like a mad woman, which is oddly relaxing to me. i love organizing and deep cleaning! but today we did absolutely nothing together. we've both been so busy with work the past couple weeks that it was nice to just hang out and watch 12 episodes in a row of MASH. how does the weekend always come and go so fast?


  1. Those stripes look fabulous on you! I, too, am a sucker for stripes.

  2. I’ve used and Warbyparker, both of them are perfect. Their glassesare wonderful – I get compliments all the time – sturdy frames, right prescription lenses.