June 24, 2015

at the beginning of june, i booked a very last-minute ticket home to arizona. like two days kind of last minute. my cousin kenzie was going to be in town, so we thought it'd be fun to hang out with everyone that weekend.

i don't think i'll ever get sick of flying into phoenix. maybe it's because arizona will always be home, but i love it. i flew in on a friday night and the whole family was home when i got there. nothing's better than having your entire family together. even if it's just in the living room for no special occasion. it's just nice knowing that everyone is together and safe. we spent that night playing games with lots of laughing and loud talking and dancing.

the next morning, all the girls (there were 9 of us!) went shopping. i can't remember the last time every single one of us went. there's usually one person that wants to stay home. but it was so fun! we also watched a ton of parenthood over the weekend. probably one of my favorite tv shows of all time. it's up there with felicity (hello scott speedman anyone?) i finished all of season 6 of parenthood that weekend. boom. saturday night we tried kane's chicken for dinner. so dang good, it was my first time. when we got home, we stayed up all night. literally. my cousin kenzie, my mom, gloria, mala, and me stayed up until 6 in the morning talking about everything. (well we took kenzie back around 4) even though i totally dread doing that the next morning, i love nights like those. my family is also known for never sleeping in our own beds. we usually end up in someone else's bed or on the couch or floor in the same room. this is the case every time i go home. i think it's safe to say no one really likes sleeping alone.

the next morning, after getting zero sleep, we went to crackers for brunch before kenzie had to leave that sunday afternoon. it was so fun getting to eat and spend time together with the whole family. i remember looking around at the other 12 people with me at the table and feeling extremely blessed. i remember thinking how i much i love my crazy people. even with a big family, i feel just as close to every single one. it's definitely hard being the only one out of state sometimes. i'll get my baby girl glo back up here with me come september though! then i guess i won't be the only one.

after brunch, instead of one person dropping kenzie off at the airport, all 13 of us went. it was quite the ordeal. but i guess when one goes, we all go. and of course we're shouting through the airport, "we love you, kenzie! you're the best cousin! have a safe flight! see you soon! love you! bye!" we probably appear totally nuts to people who don't know us.

i ended up staying monday and tuesday, working from arizona those days. luckily, i have a full-time job that i'm able to work really from anywhere, as long as i have wi-fi. so once monday rolled around, everyone was back to their schedules of work and summer activities, sports, and school. before i left tuesday night we still made sure to fit in some more fun stuff. we started a 1,000-piece puzzle (didn't end up finishing it before i left), played lots of banana grams, ate lots of chocolate strawberries (which my baby sis made, so delicious), played mafia, watched lots of parenthood, and ate lots of yogurtland. 

other than mary spilling a pot of boiling water on herself, and olivia almost getting hit by a car that weekend, it was a good time spent with the fam. the weather was also amazing! it was cloudy...and dare i say cool? the last picture above was on my flight home at night and the sky looked absolutely unreal. i wish i had taken more pictures on my nice camera, but my iphone is just so darn convenient.

until next time arizona!

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